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  • Morning! :waves: :flower:
    Money went into the post last night - would've been yesterday afternoon but I managed to forget it when I went to the post office (the whole reason I went to the post office in the first place - damn I'm clever!!! :rolleyes:). Guess that means it'll probably be with you Tuesday - can you let me know when it gets there?

    Ta very much :D :sun:

  • Hello,

    Thanks lovely :D Will get the beads posted out as soon as possible but probably won't be until next week now!

    For some reason my message to you about big wardrobe seems to have disappeared :S So here's the link again ... [URL="http://www.bigwardrobe.com"]www.bigwardrobe.com[/URL]

  • Halloo Ethereal!! :flower:

    Thankyou :D Your money is currently sitting in a packet next to me waiting to be posted - which should be later today!

  • Hey Ethereal :waves:

    How are you?...hope all is ok. I have posted some photos of my birthday at Stonehenge! Speak soon, love Mistyxxx :D:hippy:
  • Hiya,

    Just saw your thread about the bag and thought you might find this useful - [URL]http://www.bigwardrobe.com/[/URL] It's a website where you swap and trade clothes, shoes, bags, accessories etc. Free to list and free to join. I have an account there, I think it's really good! You just have to put in a guide price and people will offer you cash or swap offers, and you get to decide which ones you accept/decline. Worth a look if you still have loads of stuff to sell :)

    Naomi x
  • Hello :) Do you definitely want the white ring? I will be posting it later on if so xXx
  • Hiya hun, I just checked the rings in the pattern you want and I have 3 but they're all quite big. My sister has slender fingers and it's too big for her on all of her fingers :( Sorry. If there's another one you want let me know and I can see if I have it in the right size, if you no longer want one then no worries. Sorry! xXx
  • Hey :) yeah i do still want the art stuff, i totally forgot lol... i will send you a pic of the stuff i sorted for you when i get back tonight... had so much to do lately it slipped my mind xx
  • hi hunny money for dress just arrived i posted yesterday so should be with you soon
    lynda says a big thanks
    hugs sensi
  • Right back at ya! :waves:
  • Hey, your inbox is full! I'll look into the bus thing on thursday ok?
  • the DVD arrived!!! yay!!!!! xxxx
  • Re the classical music - of course we like the same music! Doesn't surprise me in the least! Hope the immigration process is going along. You should be getting a date for the interview soon. xxx
  • Good Morning to ya !! I will sort out a special lickle package for you in return for the book x
  • I do! thank you :D x
  • Hiya Ethereal :) :hippy::piggy: just saying ello to my spesh cyberpal :Dxx
  • Yay! i got them today! i called the post office people yesterday and the guy said he hadnt sent the package back yet, and that i had 3 parcels waiting for me to be delivererd today :D x
  • They wouldnt tell me :( didnt even tell me if it was your package so it might not be! They wouldnt tell me anything other than i had a package and they sent it back. Ill let you know is anything arrives. If you do get the package back ill give you the money to re send it. Its my fault for not getting it sooner x x
  • Hey did you put a return address on the packets? The one that they couldnt deliver here has been sent back! They only keep it for a week and they wont resend it to me :( x
  • you like David Bowie and Placebo?, awesome, i collect both these artists :)
  • Nope but i got a red slip thing through the letter box today while i was at the shops saying that i missed a package! So fingers crossed its the one you sent me :) I'll go and collect it tomorrow and let you know x
  • Nope not yet, im sure it will come monday :) x
  • Hello! Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner - I've been really busy this week. Yes the book arrived thank you :) Will get something posted out to you next week after my exams xXx
  • I'm really glad you like it, i love my stuff the wool is really funky!!!
  • haha, cool, it was rather long winded of me :)...thanks also for the lovely picture comment :)
  • heya :)
  • Yay! It'll look like im super popular! :D x
  • i`m sure it will turn up eventually, hopefully before i move!!
    these things happen.
  • No:( it hd come but because i wasnt in, they didnt leave it..now its vanished:(
  • That's brilliant thanks :) What would you like for it? xx