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  • I listen to that station all the time already, but thanks for posting the link. I love that station! :D
  • Hello, was trying to comment on your thread but couldn't for some reason!
    Where abouts in Norfolk are you? I am back in Norfolk next week, might come and have a look at the van :D
  • Hi Ryan hope you get your portable thingy sorted what are you using i'm on T-mobile 50 p a day works fine up here all the best andy
  • Hi Ryan noticed you wondered over to the blackbus hope all is well ,andy
  • nah I just read your profile and some of your posts and decided you are someone I'd like to be friends with.

    peace cheers for accepting my offer of friendship here hope it can transfer into the real world of 3d of out from behind the moniter
  • i can't pm coz i need a post count of 5, i have none. moo
  • thats your own face!!!! moo
  • hi you! now im all moved in im getting ready to use your legs to make a skirt! have my 17 yr old daughter on the case for your music. shes making you a cd cos i dunno what that music is even! shes doing it now and will post it to me then ill post it to you. big loves x