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  • How was your autumn?
  • Dil (smallest snake) has left us... Escaped.
    Bloody thing!!!
  • i'm totally rubbish at computers lol,i cant seem to get my head around this web page?, how do you just get to chat?.On the other web pages i'm on, it has a chat selection button.Anyway!, nice to hear from somebody,a lot of the web pages are rubbish lol.Do you chat on the happy cow web page?,or are you on facebook?.leave me a message telling me a bit more about yourself.I should be back on within a few weeks lol.Take care and speak soon.
  • Yep, got a bag of them in the freezer. Nearly left without them on monday, was just driving the van off and my ex was running after me waving a bag of frozen dead mice!!!

    Day so far is slow, I'm going to have a quick shower in a minute but have left my clothes on the van. Will dash out in my undies and tee or something, get them in...

    Seen my pregnancy thread? Got my next baby scan pic up!
  • They're in the bus at the mo, ready to come to Cardiff - have missed them :)
  • That would be my daughter, Kai. She will be 3 on the 10th august. Love her to bits and she can't wait to meet the 'mummy baby in tummy house'...

    I have three snakes - an older female anery stripe, older female anery het lavendar and a younger amel het butter. Nancy, Indie and Dil. All of mine have been bought second hand, this year. I'd not get any more, but they're fascinating to me.
  • Ah yes I see what you mean now. I used to know a lot of hippies in Walsall but that was ages ago, I don't know any now. Do you know any? Well there's you :D
    Waddling- definitely! It's my second though so I knew what to expect this time. *sigh* still it drags this last bit.
  • heya :), thanks for asking how i am and good to see you around...yippers, me been writing lotsa new material, aiming towards a new are you? :)
  • glad to be of service m'lady. :O)ok, let me will be good to see you again! :O)
  • oh my god! i hope you will get that sorted asap...cs youll need that for your trip home in august! i hope you have had a good weekend tho. bet you are liking this cooler weather a bit better! just let me know when u can make it! xx :O)
  • hiya, i hope you and yours have had a lovley weekend! :O) what time will you get to tamworth on wednesday, if you can still make it down? xx :O)
  • i'm very well thanks, how's your summer coming along?
  • cool u do that! :O) i look forward to it! xx :O)
  • cool...thats ok..u have big changes going on...:O) i got Cally staying with me monday and tuesday, so i could do wednesday, or saturday. hope thats any good:O) hope you and yours are keeping ok! :O) xx
  • Hello, how are you? i'm out here looking to make local brummy hippie friends. hi again, take care x
  • hello...just as promised! :OP hows things...ure pretty quiet..... ;o) :O) xx uggz
  • yeah that is cool when they don't lip synch, she must have had a cool voice...and how are you today? :)
  • well you have been getting around haven't you!?...pride fest >>>> was there any bands? :)
  • cool:), that's ace to spend time with family :)
  • hey there, i'm good thankyou :)...just been real busy with the kids, how are you? :)
  • cool, im glad you enjoyed your day the pride party was mad! lol...if u manage to see alan, say hi from me! x
  • hello you! yes i really enjoyed it to, it was lovley seeing you again, and meeting your mad frinds! had a great time =D and look its your butterfly..hehehehehe cool. another beautyfull day today, lets hope the sun stays with us for a wile now. i hope you are enjoying your days off :O)
    ill pm you my name in a mo so you can add me on FB. xx
  • ok, see ya then! :O)
  • hiya, ok then, i forgot about that :O) cool, i need to get out...all this rain is getting me down :O)what time do you wanna meet up?
    its my sons 18th birthday today, and he is having his party on sat, so i bet hell be glad to have me out the way! not that i expect it to finnish that earlie! lol uggz xx
  • yup, i just posted some up in the camera club forum! :O)
  • aww, cool, im so happy for you, i bet you cant wait. u would have loved the english gardens in munich, they are ideal for dreaming....a stunning place :O) lotsa happy uggs! xx
  • awwwww, cool, as long as it is a good change :O) how is life treating you then? i just got back from germany today. we had a really good time. the weather was lovley. what have you been up to? hope all is well with your hubby again! xxxx :O)
  • hahaha, yeah the time zone thing is a crazy thing, i am a whole day ahead of the USA i believe and England too lol
  • oh goodness, it sounds like you have been working hard..i hope you can get some sleep :)....i'm good, having a relaxing evening :)
  • how are you? :)