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  • [COLOR="Indigo"]HI, I'm from Rome...searching in internet about wwoofing , I discovered the Isle of Man and i find your post on this forum. Can you send me info about wwoofing in Isle of Man, please?
    This my email :
    Good Day,
  • I loves ya, mate. I've a b'day present here for ya, I didn't forget, though I wish I'd managed to get a call to you - it wouldn't let me. XXX
  • Ah, brokey phone might explain things. Things have been utterly shit this week (beginning mon 6th july, incase you don't get on for ages). But the Big Move is the day after tomorrow and today has already mostly gone, which is good. Feel so sick with nerves and stress. I need to do some serious soul searching and such. Meditation, detox, sort me diet out and learn to chill... Think about you all the time but I think you know that. You're my inspirational favourite human. And I will see you soon (got to sort out childcare with mum when I've moved, get her and my calendar in the same place at the same time). Just let me know if there's any time you can't do, this summer, so I don't end up in a field on my own ;)
  • You're my favourite human. Ever.
  • [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0y51xLGvCpo"]YouTube - 07062009001[/ame]

    Happy memories (you have the power to remove this if you don't like it)
  • ha ha ha i don't smell too bad... pit rok works quite well!
  • I know, babe. But I'm coming to see you, not long til I can give you a real one, don't forget that hun. x x x

    Do you know more about the car yet?
  • Love you too, Chris-Monster x x x I appear to be free... from friday 22nd of this month until tues 26th though i could arrange for kai not to go Any good? Otherwise, monday 8th june to fri 12th june, same applies re the nursery. x x x
  • I loves me Chris monster!
  • Hope today goes ok x x x
  • chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hey swampy. Just wanted to say hi. I can understand what you might be going thru right now. Anytime you feel like a chat, gimme a shout. Warmest vibes, Mayax
  • thats kinda funny, though i'd hate it if i lived there, like my peace! ring when yer up, am free and ringable now. x x x
  • Hello. I'm good. How are you doing? Anything new going on in your world?
  • booooooooooo did i scare ya? have a :hug: