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  • Hi Halo

    hope all is well with you

    we have got snow again in the mountains

    mel sends her love xx
  • Cheers honey same to you and yours x x x x
  • happy new year

    may it be one blessed with love and joy

  • [IMG]http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3294/3122401427_40eb3027b9_o.jpg[/IMG]

    thought you might like to see some pics my flickr is at::xbounce::xsnowball

  • happy xmas to you as well
    lots of highland love to you from me and mel x

  • hi Halo

    hope all is well been really busy on my blog hope to see you there [url]http://theblackbuscompany.blogspot.com[/url]


    all the best andy x mel x
  • Hi Halo .aye we are fine just 49 miles short of Aviemore so we are going to have xmas around there then push on again in jan
    hope all is well with you #

    andy x mel x clanx
  • Any pics of yourself?
  • Hello Halo :waves: How are you, awesome I trust :thumbup:
  • Cool Man!
  • WOW,thats amazing:D Thankyou for sending me that,have copied it to my comp so I can read it and remind myself when conditioning tries to make me feel guilty for being me:) :hug:
  • I'd say if I was annoyed:D Generally no response means I didnt do it right away so its slid down the back of my minds sofa :P

    And please,spam away,you post really interesting stuff:)
  • Thanks for that Halo :D
    I meant to reply when you sent it but it slipped my mind and I've just seen it again and thought 'oo,I didnt thank Halo':o So thanks,I'd not heard that before and I like:)
  • Naturally! more essential than opposable Thumbs!
  • Thanks for taking the time to go take a look - much appreciated : )
  • Very busy page Halo, Love It!
  • :) Thank you very much. I'm honored you think so.
  • help needed on the chatterbox thread "mad aussie woman " hope you pop over cheers xx
  • Hi halo, i have put up a thread called Calling all hippies....your sister needs you. It's in chatterbox, it's about helping Aerisje, you may like to take a look. X
  • Why thank you honey. Oh and thank you for choosing me as a friend.
  • cool, yeh anytime! ty for bothering at all! most folk are too stuborn and onto the machine they wont travel outside radio one etc or mtv really, luckily i do NON of that
  • yeh, thanx, do u mean the radio stream? or the daft music posts on the music forum? either way thanx!
    radio stream free [url][/url] as far as i know so far, use winamp, nero, or media classic players with it. have over 100gb of sounds on playlist at a time, and will go up to 500gb after new year, all wierd, odd, vintage, trippy, no pop, no metal etc etc

    again thank you, lots of years of resear4ch to get all thats knowledge of sounds
  • Ooh, nice! You have a loverly way with words. (I thought I wouldn't post it to the forum, in case people think I'm fishing for compliments!) :D
  • Ooh, what an amazing page!
  • Hey honey sorry to see your Grandma is also very poorly :hug: big hugs and love for you lady x x x x
  • Thank you so much for your lovely words! (((hugs)))
  • Hiya! what a beautiful page you have!!!
    I did make the skirt....♥
  • hi halo hows you

    we are well busy getting the old bus ready for mot then we are heading further north to be near the open beaches lots and lots of love andy & mel the daft hermits xxxx
  • And you called [I]my[/I] page trippy :) Tis awesome this though:thumbup:
  • [FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=2]Hi halo. I am grateful to you for inviting me on your friends' list. I'm not quite about how to behave in such a forum as I am a "newbie" and I've been blundering around for a few weeks trying to find a branch to perch on in the verdant foliage of the UKHippy wood. There are so many species of birds nesting in this wood, though; some with more spectacular display rituals than others, others with fairly dowdy plumage but very approachable but I'm sure I will find a friendly flock of feathered companions as I get to know my surroundings better.