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  • Eh up stranger, how are things? :waves:
  • Hope you have an ace time at the gig tonight. :)
  • Hi Mahdo
    It was great thanks. How was yours?
  • Hello you. Hope you're doing ok.
  • You're very kind!
  • Haha, they're awful! There's one here [url][/url] and another here [url][/url]
  • Oh don't be silly! I don't care about any of that. But I understand. I can be very shy tbh! I lost a lot of confidence last autumn/winter when I came off tranqs and sleepers.

    When I can get out of here permanently it'll be much easier to get about. I'm thinking now of Somerset but I'm not that set with my plans as long as I can get out of here.

    Do you not have internet access at home? I'll have to give you my phone number.
  • Oh well, we'll have to meet up some time.
  • Aww, exhausting but nice to spend time with the kids. I'm being lil miss sensible at the moment too! Well, mostly!

    No I haven't been to any of the UK Hippy gatherings. I'm quite new here really. But I'd like to. I'm sure there'll be ones next year i'll be able to get to. Have you been to any of them?
  • Nice to be off the radar for a bit, yeah. Haven't done that for a while.

    Nothing exciting, no! lol, I could do with some excitement!
  • Hello you! Oh that's great, I'm really glad. Follow-up posts in the festival thread pleeeease! Cos I wanna hear all about it. Did you take any piccies? Aw, 'spect you're back at work now eh?

    Oh yeah, I am good thanks. x
  • Hope you had a good time!
  • I'll tell you in private message as I'm quite private and don't wan to put stuff like that on my profile. Then I'll have to attempt sleep. :)
  • Oh yeah, he will take me out and help me shift a few things around the house. I have to sort a few things out here before I can move, get rid of some old furniture etc. He will help me. I don't go out much, no. But I really want to. If he could've come during the Summer holidays we could've buggered off somewhere for a bit but there's plenty of time. It'll be better when I live somewhere with decent public transport and maybe one day I'll learn to drive. It'd be cool to go off in a vehicle loads but have a base to come back to.

    Have you always lived oop north?
  • O yeah, just do that next time lol! Send then go. You don't wanna lose your messages or piss off the chief dragon slayer.

    Exciting, ha, you're joking aren't you. Although I am slowly working towards moving back to England, which for me is VERY exciting. Daughter back in school tomorrow so maybe even get my sleeping pattern into a better routine. :insane:

    My brother will hopefully be coming down for a visit soon, help me get out of this erm, poo-hole.

    Aw your kid looks really cute.
  • Oh because there's a handy firefox add-on called textarea cache which automatically saves text. It's stopped me losing a few messages that would've otherwise been consigned to the ether, that's why I installed it. n/m Maybe there's a similar thing with IE.
  • Aw pants! Hey, are you using firefox?
  • Haha! Awww. Hope you have a good 'un at the Eden festival.
  • Good one! Nothing very exciting here no unless you count the beach lol but things are good. :)
  • Heya! Was solfest good...i went to stay in Aspatria the week before it started i didnt know it was on gutted i couldnt go when i found out! Hope you had a wicked time!!! Another one next weekend my god you are the busy boy lol!
  • Hi, good thanks. Been up to anything exciting?
  • you can open it to any player that reads mp3
    i have a server in my house network that houses all the music in the hiouse, i have a 150 gb playlist that plays all day, no need for random. yeh enjoy
  • that swan seems to have a ladies head!! hmmm
    have new host for the radio stream, and its stereo now too
    clik this link, it sends a pop up0 with a file for media player u set it to and its 24/7
  • No I haven't I'll have to get round to checking them out!
  • I tend to prefer the older Motorhead stuff, but Inferno is good, I love Year Of The Wolf!

    I do make a lot of music, not all of it on this PC though. For my own stuff I use Cubase too, and Reason as a plug in for it.
  • Cubase will do nicely! Have a look for a guide book or something like that on the internet and you'll be sorted!
  • I would have a look around for some cheap and useful looking software. Something like Ableton should be fine and isn't too expensive!
  • To be honest, for what you want to do I think you'd be best off with one of these and some good software.


    Have you got any mic's/stands etc?
  • Yes it does, and your first port of call is a new sound card! anything you plug into that is going to sound poor no matter what you do. Give me rough budget and I'll give you some ideas. Is it a PC or a laptop you've got? :)
  • Open your start menu, and select "run". Then type "dxdiag" without the "'s and the information should all be there!