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  • Hiya, no it wasnt me Shoshana, i have not long started home edding my son. Hope you are well :D. Skye xx
  • Aha. I think we've visited Milton Keynes twice, both times for Ikea!

  • St Albans, although hopefully not for too much
  • Ah, enjoy the down time while it lasts...
  • How are you, taker of my friend virginity??
  • It is I! Someone over there mentioned ukhippy and I thought I'd come for a look. Not that I have time to hang around on two forums really, but a bit of a change has to be good!

    Are you a regular over there then?
  • That doesn't sound much like fun. Has he/she stopped yet? Love the name btw, are you by any chance an ex member of Abba?:D
  • Hi you....when did you change your completely threw me there? (not difficult :D) Shall I call you Aggie, for short? (I give everyone on UKH nicknanes)
  • yeah its been full on snow, about 1ft came down on monday... today is very sunny though so think maybe its all starting to melt ... where abouts are you in the uk? :)
  • hey sorry for late reply, i been off travelling. Im north watford, near the cinema if you know it :)
  • Yaaaaaa, Shoshana wonder rock.
  • Cool! I've saved it, will upload it right away! :D THank-you!!!!! xx S xx
  • hope you can get it, let me know when you have it.
  • Yep ok go for it!
  • so are you ready to take the bloody thing off me, cos if you are i will change mine, so that you can get it that way
  • Hi babaes, good to see you in here again. I ried to e-mail you but i need help doing anything on the blooming computer, such a numpty i am. Hpoe your ok, have missed you love lulu
  • Hello woman, where you been missed you.
    Do you still want a wonder woman simpsons avatar as i have one for you, only thing is as i am a puter numbty i will have to load it up as my avatar and you will need to take it from there, it's the only way i can do it. Took me ages to find by the way, but you said you wanted one.
  • Hi hope your well and had a good holiday time, next time your on line check to see if i am as i have a simpsons wonderwoman avatar for you. hope your well thanks for the message, lots of love lulu, xxx
  • Hi babes, go to your avatar stealing thread, mwhahahahahahaha.
  • Well i might look like if i had any hair, our features are similar, but i have alopecia, so the hairs a problem, but it's her mind i really like.
  • I, it's mae west, i like the way she talks, very forthright, the woman was amazing for her time, a very modern girl.
  • Babes, thats terrible, but that's how the bloody papers work, things will calm down and go back to normal, everyone is stressed 'cos of Christmas, and i would bloody well remind them that the whole thing would not have even been dealt with if it wasn't for you, as i do remember they didn't want to go back and it was you who got things sorted, honestly ppl forget so easy, a swift kick up the arse is needed just to remind them. I can phone Anders if you want and get you all chucked out again, then you could do your wonder woman spin and come rescue these ungratful peeps *again*. No wonder you can't sleep, all my love lulu. try to get some rest babes,xxxx
  • Hi Shoshana, was wondering how you are, only i hope i didn't really upset you in the cafe when i put that photo up, really i was just being totally stupid, i'd found the photo weeks ago and was waiting for the chance to use it, sorry babes, not my intention to hurt you. you should see what else i got in my computer, crazy mad photo's just waiting for the chance to be put up.tee hee, love lulu xxxxx.
    Please dom't think that i would hurt you in spite and if i have upset you iam truly sorry.xxxx
  • Hey thanks for the picture comment!!
    How are you?
  • Hi. I just looked at your green flowery CND picture thinking it was one of those 3D images but it just made my eyes go funny.
  • night babes. xxxxxx
  • oh you should come in winter, its beautiufl in winter time. well in early winter everyone is full of christmas cheer and all snuggled and wrapped up warm :) Love it :D well like i said female didge play = me :D and i'm always up for a cuppa :)
  • brighton :D last year in febuary when the snow fell and covered every pebble on the beach. Amazing experiance. If you saw a female busker in brighton chances are it was the only one i know of there.
  • Hmmm ok well there are plenty of photos of me about. i probably looked something like this
    and probably almost as cold.
  • I thought it might, had a phone call on sunday night at my brothers house from a certain Anders, to talk about Christmas plans, poked him with a stick, a bloody big one. Glad it got sorted to your advantage.