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  • hello Ross I met a friend of yours the other night a lovely young lady called frog who does decor for the arena and stuff. also I'm a friend of your old mates Danny breeze and simon breeze and Chomley and that crew. could I get Frogs email or facebook of you as I didn't ask on the night and wanna get a copy of my mix cd to her as I like testing its quality on people into different music . peace
  • p.s. is that tim on the picture in the members gallery? is he a member too? and, finaly, do you have an e-mail address for him?
  • hiya ross, 'tis meself, snakes. only just found you on here, currently lvin' in eire doing health and safety courses. will be back in uk, end of april for my birthday[08/05] can you tell me if the collective are doing a party round about then? gonna befriend you now, do keep in touch, snakes.
  • Can you still arrange tickets for Shpongle after party on the 31st in London?