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  • yes bev leaving dovedale on thursday or friday morning
  • i hope i can get to meet up with you lot this year, id much rather have a little romahome than a tent, cant afford one at the mo:rolleyes:
  • I'll cross everything for you xxx
  • No she seems to be running fine but she broke down on the way back last time I went long distance so I'm keeping fingers crossed! I've pootled about locally and she seems ok so I should be more confident! :)
  • Yup, can't wait.........even if i break down on the way there I'm getting the AA man to bring me :D Can't wait to see you :) xxx
  • :waves: :D
  • Hi hun, isn't my boy beautiful. Can't wait for you to meet him xx
  • thanks for your reply gongorde.
  • Hiya Bev.. long time no speak, am still alive, would love to see you sometime. xx
  • I would love to come , but I'm going horse riding at Kelmarsh hall at the festival of history .sorry
  • did they find out what was wrong with your van?
  • Are you actually going to the festival - seem to remember that ypu are - maybe we could meet up for a pint?

    :) x
  • Not really. I'm afraid that I've not paid that much attention as we'll be working the festival.
    I do know that there's a Morris dance out on the sea front at Shanklin - but I'll not be dancing as I'll be selling beer then.
    Apart from that, I don't really know; there tend to be quite a few people having there own little things.
    Sorry, I'm no help really.......

    :) x
  • Hi Bev. This is a link to the peoples free festival.. Guess where it used to be held?? seasalt of course lol
  • [URL]http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/320895288108?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649[/URL] any good to you?
  • something like this ben could make [URL]http://www.amazon.com/Texsport-15109-Campfire-Tripod/dp/B001CZFJDU[/URL]
  • aye i am:)
  • as you have guessed, no we didng make dorset this year.. you are always welcome.. having a small get together next weekend if you are a bout! 14th? Colours will be here.. be great to see you.. xx
  • what you seen ? theres no link ?????
  • Hello :waves: Long time no speak. Hope you're doing ok xx
  • Thanks flower! I'm sure something will give eventually. x
  • ooo yes - i did text here once we'd moved. I have applied for a pile of jobs today and will just keep on plugging away at it till something happens.
  • yes,but you'd been through so much flower. sometimes you just need that quiet time even if you have peeps around.
  • Well that's an improvement on Liverpool isn't it?! As soon as I get a bit more solvent we should sort out a meet up! Was thinking about having a mini gathering house warming with some of the SE hippies that I know.
  • Yes we are - H is really happy in his new school. We have an allotment already - just 5 minutes from the flat on foot. I am really glad to be out of exile and back close to family and friends. It's been 7 years! How far away from us are you?
  • yes am up for that...am busy job hunting at the mo although everything seems to have gone flat over the Christmas period. Thinking about having a house warming too..... Hugs, Bee
  • hey there

    thanks for the wishes flower - same to you

    we moved to chelmsford about 6 weeks ago so know we are nearer everyone!!! hope you had a cool yule!
  • And a merry Christmas to you :)
  • Thankyou Bev, I hope you have a lovely Yule and Christmas xxxxx
  • Thanks, you too :)