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  • Evening Ben, I posted the waistcoat for you last Wednesday so you should have it soon mate.
    Hope you get many years of wear out of it. :thumbup:
  • Hey Moon Cheesey, how is things then?
  • i ve decided to be strong its not good women deserve respect
  • hi er just need sum advice man im in a simular situation with women as you were im trying to listen to me head not my ckkk what did u do with your situaltion
  • Ahh yeah i see what you mean. I hate it when the theoretically simple things turn out to be a right pain in the arse. Ambient trance is just incredible, as is DSOTM ;)
    I'm glad you gave camel a chance, they really are one of the best Prog bands, in my oppionion of course. The snow goose is a fantastic album, definately needs to be listened to all the way through. Mirage is another briliant album by Camel. The tracks are just mind blowing. And focus, well where to begin. Right you are with the crazyness and great music. Some fantastic music, and so outragously different from a lot of other prog. Haha, thats just like myself. Black band shirt, combats or jeans and my boots. I'm wearing my Metallica 2007 tour shirt in the picture on my profile, with my trusty DPM jacket :)
    By the way, sorry i took so long to reply, i've just got back from Sonisphere festival. And it was bloody fantastic :D
  • Yeahh the interface seems so much easier, At least there isnt a whole list of parameters on the front of the XL haha. I was exactly the same, never used to read instructions, but always do now cos it does make things a whole lot easier when you know what you're doing haha.
    Everyone loves a rave! I have a particular liking for 90's ambient euphoric trance sorta stuff haha. Saying that, i have a love for all music genres. Literally all.
    Ahh I love all prog rock. I'm actually really happy that you know Camel. Not many people i know have even heard of them! I think they're my fave prog band, closely followed by Floyd, Focus, Genesis, yes, caravan....tbh the list will go on and on haha. Just realised you are wearing a wish you were here shirt in your picture, good man :)
  • I must say i am partial to the odd trancy patch :)
    Hmm, well the video was good actually cheers. And going from that review, the XL does look appealing, but not literally, the original looks so much better with the wood panneling. But i don't know whether i'd actually buy one. I think the only reason i would is because of the computer compatibility, but if its effort to hook up then it might not be worth it.
    Yeah ARP synths are the shit. And i must say you have a good taste in keyboardists\bands.. genesis and Floyd. Wright and Banks, two legends.
    Are you into your prog by anychance?
  • You and me both brother. But of course analog is better, Wouldnt have it any other way! Ahh i've never really properly tried out a yamaha synth, but i'll take your word they're alright :) And yeah you're right, the minimoog is one of, if not the holy grail of synths. Ahh right well, ive got the original microkorg and it is a fantastic little synth, very similar to the ms2000, but smaller of course, and i was pondering over the XL. Anychance you could list a few pros and cons? Ha, a friend of mine recently bought a mopho, ive yet to try it out though, played about with his arp oddesey though, utterly incredible synth. Ahh hahaha aslong as you were passed out in a bush, then thats fine lol. and i can imagine system were crazy. And yeah ditto with the meeting new people :)
  • Ahh i see you know your synths, the polysix is a great lil bit o' kit. Quite fond of korg's myself, my MS2000 is a solid runner :) Although the one synth i'm after is the roland SH-101, proper acid machine. Then again a mini moog wouldnt go amiss either :P Ahh nice man, how were def leppard and system? And thats the attitude! Dunno whos playing, but you just want the atmosphere, Thats what its all about :)
  • Yeah PMT. Wasnt too bad actually, was with a friend who spent the best part of a grand on a new Roland Juno.
    Ahh nice one, how was download? Must admit i wanted to go, but i chose Sonisphere instead ha. Seeing the big 4 together takes priority haha. Would have done both if i had the funds. Might have a free ticket to high voltage as well, will have to wait and see. Ahh yeah i know beautiful days. Whos playing this year?
  • Yeah i'm just getting used to it. I think i'm replying right? haha. Ahh yeah i know Romford, been there a few times. Went to a quite a good music shop in romford once.
    So are you off to/been to any festivals this year by anychance?
  • Hey dude, thanks a lot! Just finding my way around the site. And yep, i'm Dartford, SE london. Yourself?
  • Wow, 3 years is a long time!
    I do hope to get to some festivals this year, however work is consuming my life at the moment. I work 41 hours a week in a day nursery so I tend to just come home and sleep! Haha, I would like to go to at least ONE festival though, it;s just finding out about them. Are you going ahead to any festivals?
    Peace, Grace x
  • Ah good! , I think I'm getting the hang of things.
    Well I was just searching around really, didn't take me long to find to be honest, had a quick browse and thought it was pretty good and it hasn't let me down so far!


    Have you been a member for long?

    Peace, Grace x
  • Hello! Thank you for your message :)
    Sorry if I am replying in the wrong way Im still trying to get the hang of things around here!
    I am good thank you, how are you?

    Peace, Grace x
  • Well I beleive on the 21st of this month my brothers band Corporal Machine and the Bombers are having a single release gig in there so come down to that if you can?
  • Indeed. A meet, why not. Me and your sister were kind of arranging one too. The Horn..... Awful. Why?! I still prefer the Firkin to be honest. We kind of boycotted it a few weeks ago. The cider tasted of water and the atmosphere was non-existant [I]but [/I]the dukebox is better and if we get a few of us out we can create our own atmosphere eh?! I am stupidly skint at the moment and can't afford even the pub but am borrowing money somehow so when I do let's do it!
  • Rave sorted me out a good'un! Having a bright and sunny Essex day! Rehursing with a hangover....? That's what made me give up being in a band, just didn't have the stamina..... Lazy cow! I know lots of hippies in the Hornchurch/Romford area, be pleased to meet and greet some your way. They won't be on here but if you add me on Nosebook I can suggest them in your direction. (Emma Logie) Take care man...
  • i expect to see pics of the new fresh faced you! just keep on with the lip it in bulk! lol
  • hey! how are you getting along with the treatment?
  • Hey fellow Hornychurch resident :waves: having a very bad day and stuck in work as alarms have failed so about to punch a wall but hey ho ;) got a rave to look forward to tomorrow. How's things with yourself? Hopefully better than my Friday evening!
  • i know one set are lucas and they are all new
  • hello mate . yor fiesta is it a mark 2 ? i seam to have come across two sets of head lights for a mark 2 fiesta have you any idea how much there worth ?
  • hey mooncheese, i know, it does sound kinda silly, but i completely agree, its great to have somewhere to get away from things and just escape to somewhere you would rather be. take care :) x
  • hiya mooncheese fella how are you. looking forward to meeting up with you guys at the gathering. hope your well. take care
  • led zeppelin won best band on the rock n roll programme on bbc2 last night!!!!! :clap::rock::mike::D YEESSSSS!!! :waves:
  • Twas family xmas joy :insane:
  • yeh im fine ta.i take it you do music technology at college? how are you finding it?
  • hey you bin? hope youve had a gud week. :)
  • [FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=blue][B]you saw robert plant??....(completely jealous btw)....what year was that?? he as good(or better) live than on his cds/music videos?[/B][/COLOR][/FONT]