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  • Great to see you again G. sorry you couldn't make it on to Wendy and Kate' was fab.
    Take it easy
  • Smappy Happy Hippy Birfday, G! :hug: :) xXx
  • :cake: :bday:
  • happy birthday xxxxxxxxxxx
  • happy birthday xxxxx
  • Sorry to hear about your van. I hope that you can get it fixed without costing you too much :)
  • Hiya graham how's things hope your enjoying the travelling
    Well I waited for you to come and kidnap me
    Enjoy your weekend
    Take care lots of love sensi
  • it was nice meeting up & i enjoyed this afternoon, looking forward to more meet ups
  • Got back home ok :) It was nice to meet you again :)
  • lol were u from ? do u have msn x
  • thanks i was used too that bucket thing along time ago lol tahnks i will pm x
  • :waves: Thank you! :clap:
  • i meant to come by and say Happy Easter.. but you know us hippies, forgetful and lackadaisical .. im just now getting around to it. so have a Hippie Easter instead. [IMG][/IMG]
  • that fire for one looks lonesome
    where's ya freind :P
  • shit the bed! you were drinking? thats abnormal isnt it?

    well, no sympathies, etc... hang on... incominnnnnng
  • hey you, did you get the text about the files on your laptop?

    bloomin' sunny today :)
  • You'd better eat my food or I'll make you sit there until you've finished every mouthful ;)
  • Mooncup, mooncup, mooncup!
  • I'm broken and I hate it and me and everything. Fuck the veg.
  • I miss you, you went to paint the van and I did all the veg, there's a you-sized space on my sofa :hug:
  • just looking at your pictures of you and the lovley miss dj, awwww! I dont know you but Jo sez you ace so you must be as shes a very awesome friend of mine :) anyway have a nice day xxxx
  • hi there!!!!!!!
    can you pm your email adress so i can send you some wicked pics!?
    let me know when your free to come - if that is you still happy to - as shes all ready now and stickered up - desperate to show you the stickered up pretty geraldine.
    havent heard from you for ages you ok?
    alls ok here!
  • can i join the old enough to know better group?
  • was lovely to meet you n all hun :D
  • True, that's true... And next, who needs... A house?
  • dj :eek: Glad your both having fun :thumbup: Will all have to meet again soon down at little follies :)
  • :sex:You're GREAT IN BED!!! :sex:
  • cooee, looks v.v. nice, and the price seems right too. unfortunately i'm trying to keep my consumption and carbon footprint down to a minimum, but if someone asks i shall refer them to your site, good luck bro.
  • Well, I'm entertaining a leggy blonde lass and I reckon she and I will pop to town, grab a tequila, make some pretty pictures...
  • hi there!

    hows all thetravels going? sold the stealth now?

    just to let you know mot for geralidne booked for 4th feb, will let you know how it goes
    fingers crossed all ok then we can get sorting - not to mention i can stick the stickers on im very excited lol!!

    enjoy the rest of the weekend

    ps sort your pms out lol - youve run out of space and it wont let us send pms til youve cleared some!!!