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  • Not quite worked out how to PM yet. But yes committed to Spain have a small house in Orgiva. But want land now for doggos .
  • Thanks for thinking of me but I'm quick off the mark as I've already bought one.
  • Yes i do build websites ... will send you a pm...
  • Do you build websites,or know someone that does as i would be able to have a link from my friends webpage cheaphealthrevolution where you saw my interview,and also advertise in alternative food mags here...
  • Sounds like you are doing great if your selling 5000 worth of product from your cave, events and festivals you don't really need my help however if you are looking to up that to a little more then web presence ie; website, plus social media are the best direction to go in. All depends how much you wanna be sat at a computer ( not everyone's cup of tea i know). There is of course a lot more to it than shoving up a website. its knowing where to market it to and how best to market it quickly without spending an entire day on internet.
  • Website haha,im a hippy that lives in a cave,you would be amazed i do any business,but somehow i do...take you time ...
  • Ok Great Taz I will send you a pm with a little more information in it.
    Been a busy little weekend for me recently
    Please private message me your website address [B]just the URL[/B] (i don't need any codes or internal access to your site)
    I will take a look at your whole online presence and give you my honest feedback on how you could optimize things.
    Please bare with me if i don't respond promptly - but hectic here.
  • 30,000 liters you going to open a shop quality rain water very rare,i not seen any real rain since march 2015,it was the same here in 2004/5 we had no rain for a year then it came -15 in andalucia an killed loads of olive trees,always the same in EL NINO years.
    Where are you in valencia i lived in the mountains there for 6 years in land from jalon ,now im in alcaniz area teruel
    You do ya rain dance an i will repair me 1000 liter tank,hablar pronto mike
  • Oh I feel your pain! I never had running water for a while which felt like forever sometimes. I did prioristise it and now have the capacity for 30000 litres. I'm doing a rain dance...we got eight days coming next week!
  • (wanted) organic gardener .i am looking for female energy to help me with running an organic veg garden for supplying restaurants an bio shops,mayb 20 hours a week ,the person shoud have some idea of gardening ,in exchange i will supply all meals an accomadation (caravan)an a persentage of profits .they should be ready to start from febuary 09.