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  • Well Hello again Likahamadoolihan and thanks for the additional recommendations and the compliment. :thumbup:

    Leftist stuff would be fine if anyone could tell me how it was REALLY going to be funded.

    All parties are less than likeable and I just had to reply to Chazz as follows as they just do not get the point.

    [QUOTE=Chazz;1576065]Yep, I find it as weird as fuck to come to a 'hippy' forum and find so many Tory sympathisers. It wasn't like this in busier years here.[/QUOTE]

    Not being a Labour supporter does not me a Tory sympathiser make! ;)

    Keep on rolling and enjoy your life, however you choose to live it and whichever party you decide to vote for. :eek::D

    Keep in touch, I think we might both enjoy it. :insane:
  • Thanks for getting back and for the heads up on Waris Dirie , I did see her mentioned in some conversation on some ones twitter feed recently, can't remember what was said or who said it tho ,but she seems like an interesting character and her books look good. Ayaans book Heretic is also excellent I'd also highly recommend Douglas Murray's new book , haven't finished it yet but it's pretty good.

    You seem to make a lot of sense in what you write on this forum against an endless flow of leftist flotsam, I've sort of run out of energy at the moment,and dislike all of our political party's for various reasons.
    On a lighter note , though the election posters from Scarfolk council made me laugh , the blogspot is pretty good too.

  • Good evening ,
    I see in the books bit that you have read or are reading Ayaan 's Infidel , an excellent read. Here's a link to her latest long essay/ short book-

    The Challenge of Dawa: Political Islam as Ideology and Movement and How to Counter It'
    (link: [url][/url])…
    If the link doesn't work this one will-

    It's a pretty good read.