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  • Halllooooooo!
    Just stopping by to wish you a box of biscuits, and hope that it's warm and sunny where you are xxx
  • If you're not to busy after the event, can you put up some pics of your wares and your stall...I'd love to see your crafty stuff:thumbup::)
  • Comme ci comme ça:) Looking forward to a week off work (Half term) at the end of next week. What are you putting on the market stall?
  • Hi ya diddling...miss you :hug:
  • i'm able to be very sour too . . .

    glad to have brightened your morning though :hug:
  • your headband is so not wanky ;) lovely colours and nice to see a piccy of you!
  • Hia :3
  • That's exactly how I would have described it too.....definately unemotional!
  • Sounds different. I once spent xmas in Israel on a kibbutz with a load of Swedes;let's just put it this way, it was a different kind of celebration from the one we tend to have in this country!
  • That sounds eggs-cellent!! Just wondering do they make a big deal of easter in Sweden?
  • Hi Fuff.....Happy eggday to you to:) Yes, I got a gluten-free egg, some fudge and lovely choc from my boys!!! What about you....did the bunny pay you a special visit?
  • Heeeee, i've been growing a baby (and being a bit of a misery guts with my spd, but all is good now) And now i'm all back. Yey :D Promise i won't do a nash without telling again! Hows life? :)
  • yeah still on zee boat , currently in armchair on zee roof. how are you ?
  • Hi Fuff:waves:...what's occurring?:)
  • I'm also in fine fettle...started a yoga class this week to exercise all of my muscles....was fun!
  • Hi there missus Fuffington, I bid you a jovial welcome on this fine February eve. I hope that you are in rude health (are you better luv?)
  • Don't be shy - come and [B][COLOR=Red]p[/COLOR][COLOR=DarkOrange]l[/COLOR][COLOR=Lime]a[/COLOR][COLOR=RoyalBlue]y[/COLOR][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]![/COLOR][/B]
  • Yeh, running with scissors man is back by popular demand (well, 3 people!!:D). He was actually on long-term sick leave with a scissors-related injury (I did try to warn him of the dangers of running full tilt with sharp objects but would he listen...he's a man, inee?;):rolleyes:)
  • Hehe ~ always and forever a box of biscuits!
    How are you? I haven't spotted you on here for ages x
  • Are u feeling any better today? :)
  • ahhhh, bless you! i know the feeling ;)
  • It means that you like or admire someone on the forum. You can send them to men or women, but alot of people use them to let another person know that they fancy them. If the person you send a cilla to then sends you one in return, then there is a match and you are notified of who the other person is, and then you can take it from there.
  • I'm ok. Kids are on half-term break at the moment, so the house is resounding with the background noise of the fridge constantly being opened, the kettle being switched on, music playing and Family Guy episodes on DVD. We're going to go shopping for clothes later on in the week. Have you had much snow, there?
  • Fuff, Hi how ya doing? I've missed you. :hug: You've been offline when all this cilla stuff was going on. I wanted to send you one, but wasn't sure if you were coming back soon.
  • BOO! :mrgreen:
  • just popped in to say hello...HELLO!

    i`m profile surfin just now:)
  • Well, you could live in a big hole. That would be worse?? o_O
  • Hii, noticed you live on an ice berg and are into buddhism, thats cool. I'm very much interested in buddhism too :)

    Just introducing myself round the neighborhood anyway, hope your having a spanking weekend! :D
  • Ooooh, what do you teach?
    It's nice having 'No, computer time.' I have quite a bit of that when my boys are using the computer!! I'm fine, thanks for asking. The sun is shining through the kitchen window with enough light to make my solar-powered crystal spinner the room is being bathed in loads of tiny rainbows:) It makes me smile!!
  • Hi Fuff, how's it going? :)