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  • great news glad you like it hunny
  • your envelope just arrived hunny thankyou so much
    hope your well
    hat in post
    hugs and love to all
  • just pmd al hun so sorry this has happened bloody royal mail
  • nothing yet hun ...bloody royal mail
  • Hiya Hun nothing arrived as yet Hun fingers crossed for Monday
    Have a nice weekend
  • Hiya Hun nothing arrived as yet Hun fingers crossed for Monday
    Have a nice weekend
  • We are ok Hun lee is making slow progress managed to go to the pictures the other night with my son in law so that was good for him
    He was so nervous but he did it
    Love to everyone
  • Prob best posted Hun if that's ok
  • Hiya Hun
    Liking the young sensi bit LOL
    The hats yours Hun
    How ya doin
  • Congratulations hunni we now have a footy team between us LOL
    Just make sure al eats well and gets the right vitamins and minerals and enough sleep
    This was my trouble. I was running around after 6 under 8 and not eating enough I ended up having to go for vitamin injections
    I just worry ............ I know but I am a mum LOL
    We must arrange a meet up some how soon
    Would be great our gangs getting together
    You take care Hun and woooooooooooooooh
  • [SIZE=5][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Purple]:sun:MORNING SUNSHINE![/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][SIZE=5][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Purple]:flower:[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][SIZE=5][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Purple]:sunflower XXX[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
  • nige hun - gladys is still available - would she be any good to you and the boys to use as a family? beryl came with a full awning so if its in decent nick when we try it this weekend gladys awning is available to buy

    G is coming to the cornwall gathering - maybe a word in his shell-like and he'll tow her back up for you? ;)
  • heya

    hannah is lost and trying to find trevstock, everybodys mobiles no answer

    can you help?
  • oh well never mind thing is I never got to meet any one. one day may be i get about a bit its quite a differnt thing down there though ever other person looks like a hippy thing is i don't. Have fun at trevstock
  • hey mate just a quick question what part of the counrty you
  • Whoops it wasn't Wiggy it was Vern
  • Yer did see that one but I'm up the north east I build and restore waggons and was hoping to swop some ideas there is an other member on here who built a waggon or two Wiggy I think
  • Cheers dont know if you had thought they might be more on here when I joined
  • Morning Hun just wanted to tell you I think you have a beautiful caring family
    Your boys are ace
    Hugs sensi
  • hiya
    just droppin by too say hi too you and al hope your all ok and doing well
    have a great day
    love to all sensi
  • heh ive cheered up a bit
  • bingedy boo
  • yeah, they're fine, never out of site and travelling wilts/oxon border for now. waiting for the go ahead for the horsedrawn beltane bash.
  • thanks mate, that was taken in july last year when the girls were in glastonbury. i'm in the middle of downsizeing a few more of the guria photo's to make them fit. also, got a mare in england about to give birth, so when i come over in late april, i'll take a load more.
  • Ello mate - quick question - what size is Rue now? Got a little package of clothes to pass on that Henry has grown out of but don't wanna overload you with things that will be too small - if you're ok for clothes n don't want me to send then just say and that's fine mate :D xxx
  • Richard Hammond II is doing good :) He hasn't done anything psychotic yet - he doesn't like being picked up, but if I let him climb onto my hand then he's fine - the only one he's bitten was Dylan when he got his nose a bit too close! :D

    And he has a wheel in his cage now, which he likes - he hasn't chewed it yet :)
  • Marge and Lisa are sat on my shoulder. They just wanted to say hello :waves: :)