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  • Great to meet you x
  • lovely to meet u
  • Hi Tom!! I shall endeavour to post on UKH a bit more often!! Lovely gathering on Sunday....Glad you could make it!! :)
  • that's a relief, good to see your more feline self!
  • LOL armed robber!

    I'll look forward to the change :)
  • I just can't reconcile your new Avatar . . . it worries me ;)
  • Hi Tom, thanks for putting up the 9 Ladies thread :) Have you been there before? I haven't been for ages so don't know about parking and how far the stone circle is from the road (not sure if there's a car park there, or not?) I'll just have to satnav it :)
  • Hi Tom, Was your birthday good then? What did you get up to...was there cake involved? I think I overdid it on the sugary consumables and sloe gin, although my tower of gluten free choc/vanilla cupcakes with buttercream and sprinkles was outstanding, it has to be said!!
    A stone circle gathering (9 Ladies??) would be good, (after the success of the Rollrights, last September when about 10 of us met for a picnic) anytime is good for me, if it's not clashing with anything else but I think September would be likely as all the other gatherings will be over by then! What do you think?
  • Thanks for the wasp update! I'll see what I can sort mum makes wasp traps out of old unwashed jamjars, half-full of water, so the wasps are attracted to the jam, fall in and hopefully drown!! I better unpack my cider then, as it is the 'Jaspers' favourite tipple. I use to have a serious wasp phobia when I was a child, which resulted in me getting stung more times than other kids....the bastards really do smell your fear! Now, I'm over that, but still find them too annoying (I have an apple tree in the garden and wasps often set up camp somewhere close by making barbecues an absolute nightmare!)
    Glad you had a good time :)
    ...we do seem to be ships that pass in the night as far as gatherings and favouring different days to go to them :D
  • Hiya, I'm off to the gathering tomorrow, do I need to take my waders? ;)
  • hey mithra - thanks for your birthday greetings even if we haven't met - yet!!! xxx
  • that's an interesting question to which i dont have an answer. blame my fiancee, neyni. :)
  • [URL=""][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

    ....on May 6th!!!!
  • yes SO EXCITED!!!! hope you're ok! xxx
  • [COLOR=darkorange]ahh,glad to hear alls ok![/COLOR]
    [COLOR=darkorange]hehe,i do my best! [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=darkorange]errm..oh! i think it was a calippo ice pop thing..but it was leaking from the bottom and making my hands all sticky..hence sitting down and faffing about with it! aha xx[/COLOR]
  • [COLOR=purple]aw thats so sweet! thank you :D i had to have a sunshiney picture so i can kid myself that its summer...[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=purple]how are you mr tom?[/COLOR]
  • mushroom!
  • [COLOR=purple]thank you!:) x[/COLOR]
  • nay bother - would you pm me your mobly number?
  • hi tom :) do you msn?
  • Indeed :D My mum was talking to me about him the other day, and was horrified when I told her I'd never heard of him - so, a quick google search later and I am now enlightened :D I saw that pic on his official site and though it looked cool, so there you go :lsd:
  • thanks so much, thats really helpful, best wishes love kel xxx
  • that's Bruno..xx
  • let us know you got back okay :) xxx
  • Absolutely! At last Lincs is moving into the 21st century!! :D You should come to one of the events at Badger Farm... they are really interesting. I'll find you the link.
  • Oh getting there at last! I can move it mostly everywhere I should be able to now, and the strength's coming back. Thanks for asking :D How are you?
  • Thanks! I tweaked a photo of one I made. Maybe I'll put up the original but I'm not sure as I'm no expert on crafts or anything. But a few visitors to my house have commented on it. Thanks for friending me. How's Notts? Haven't been there for years but hope to go back one day. :)
  • Just noticed it was your birthday, well an hour or so a go. Hapy birthday for then anyway, hope you had a lovely, special day ;)
  • :waves:Hi there...Just noticed we share the same birthday:thumbup:...mine is a significant one this year so I think I'll just dig a big hole and climb in:D
  • South Nottingham college, charnwood centre, Farnbough road clifton. It starts at 6 :)