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  • Nope, not far at all! I have a bunch of cousins in Pallantine (village in Carlow) and a brother near Grangecon (village off the Dublin to Carlow road). :) I'm in Malahide myself at the moment (village near Dublin Airport) as I'm caring for my mom. But I hope to be on the road again next year. Sometime when you and your good lady Marie are about, we must meet up for coffee. :)
  • Hi Stardust ,thanks for the greeting :thumbup:
  • :congrats: Jim :D Does this mean that Stardust is going to wear a pink frilly dress??;)
  • Aren't you supposed to be working right now??
  • where are waitinggggggggggggggg..xxxxx
  • morning flower i! just saw your post in the wrong place. the alternative to the prepaid card si a really basic electron bank account. the thing about prepaid cards is that you could lose all your money....they do come with a warning. however electron debit cards are exempt from ryan air charges. i have a very basic cash minder account at the co-op bank where i keep enough money in to pay for flights etc on line and you can't be charged a fee for using that. i also have another a/c which is where my salary gets paid to etc but it's useful to have the other as i just transfer what i need easily and it's protected! we are enjoying the sun.... h has a footie match this afternoon so i am going to sit on the side lines with a picnic and a bottle of chardonnay!!!!! hope all is well with you! xxx
  • Hope your really takin it easy mate , mind you you seem like one of the unstoppable to me and a proper bloke , Tewkesbury ? whens that Sir ?
  • Hello mate hows things ?, hope your keeping well
  • i see on the news that they are about to put turbines to generate leccy in the sound of in a few years time your malt will be green! it was weird seeing transport i used to go to work ....the islay and jura ferries!!! it seems like an age ago!
  • evenin SD! hope you are having a relaxing one!
  • no, of course not - but you were a tad tardy....:spank:......i always check to see who has a birthday when i log on and saw marie today and then checked on chatter box and .....nada, tipota, rien, niente, nichts!!!!:whip: i thought about starting one but that would have just been inappropriate - so i posted one on her page and then:plod:: i popped by to tell you off!!!!!!
  • oi you - where's marie's birthday thread then?????
  • good afternoon ( just ) it's a beautiful day up here in the pool. am still birdwatching in the living room!!! hope yours is a lovely one too! xxx
  • morning flower! hope all is well in kite watching land! have a beautiful day. xxx
  • morning jim! actually i have to go back to the doc this morning or at least so a phone consultation as i had a raging temp last night and it is still sore to breathe. kite watching again, huh? well i am ensconsed in the livingroom and i have been spending the past few days watching the birds at the feeder we have outside the window. as we are at the top of the tree i watch them sort of queuing up on the branches - talk about pecking order!!! (sorry) a few weeks ago we had a woodpecker in the garden - a male greater spotted - i thought i was seeing things as this is surely not normal for the middle of a city? have a lovely kite watching day flower. xxx
  • :sunflower:flower::sunflower [B][COLOR=lime][SIZE=4][FONT=Comic Sans MS]good morning flower![/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/B]:sunflower:flower::sunflower
    [COLOR=seagreen] must be on the mend - up with the birds!!! have a wonderful day![/COLOR]
  • morning flower! wot, all the cake? not good for the chlosterol levels y'know!!!!! you could have at least waited for me and NJ to help you!!!
  • ellooooo! how was the birthday then and where is my piece of cake???? did you have good weather when you were in ireland?
  • happy birthday - Graham
  • been really really busy - big changes over the summer at work and stupid double shifts etc. having said that i have had two letters saying that we may be losing our jobs due to the cutbacks...had a long chat with claire the other day. seems she's getting really organised again! x
  • ello there......see i crept up nicely.....i could have just gone[B] BOO[/B]'s the ticker? xxx
  • morning flower! just poppin by with a tune to say hello as am not getting any time these days to play on here at all. hope all is well in your world! peace light and love xxx
  • morning flower! a rare visit to these parts! hope all is well with you. hugs xxx
  • can you call my phone? i've lost it. x x x
  • 'Ello Jim, I have just found the info on enada, there is an adress to order with and a leaflet about the effects. If you want to pm me your adress I can send them to you. If not I can just pm the order adress to you.
  • morning jim! looking a bit brighter here today. the north west is supposed to be having a hose pipe ban....not that it would make much difference as we have had so much rain. the great irony is that they have build a beach with a "shore" in liverpool 1 complete with deck chairs and sand.....we passed it on saturday when i took h to the Shackleton exhibition at the maritime museum on saturday. it was cloudy and windy and in typical british seaside mode peeps were attempting to have a fun time!!! are you back at work on your normal schedule now? have a lovely day. xxx
  • if i can take a pic i will - you are probably rightabout them being peregrines tho!
  • morning jim! how's you this fine morning.....i am sitting in bed listening to a coule of (i think) kestrals calling. i;ve seen them circling around the cathedral recently and on my way to work even witnessed an ariel assault by one on a couple of un suspecting a long shift today - will be home too late for cuddles with h....have a lovely day. xxx
  • far be it from me to pur water on your breakfast, as it will only make the fat congeal and float to the top BUT as i recall last time you did this you ended up in A & E!!! easy on the fried slices tiger!!! sounds wonderful....a food festi all weekend.....last spring we had a chocolate festival for 5 idea of heaven! xxx
  • morningn flower! down to 3 pills, eh? that can only mean progress. dunno where sommer went to ( past junction 19 a on the m6) it has been damp and miserable and we really haven't been able to do that much. hoping to take the last week of august off so i can spend some time wiht h in what is still his summer hols and maybe go on some day trips. am going to take him to the maritime museum this afternoon as there is an exhibition on shakleton. we went to the discovery in dundee ( actually to a posh champagne reception ) and it was wonderful. so although it was scotts boat at least he'll have some idea....are you up to anything exciting? have a lovely day! xxx