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  • hey thanks for that...its a cool site and there are some great people on here well your on here for a start was great to met you yesturday and i hope to see you again soon...take care and chat soon loves and hugs xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • [FONT=Comic Sans MS]hello hun...hope you are all well xxxxxxxx[/FONT]
  • hi thank you hun for all the help you have given me i have had fun putting some of my work up now i shall wait and see what happens but this would not be happening if you did not take the time to care and show me how to get what is in my head out there lol
    much love sent to you with this message xxxxmaddiexxxx
  • OH YAY!! brilliant!! :D thank you!! xxxx
  • has the postie been yet? x
  • ello pops, i've finished the hoody and posted a pic of it in Arlia's jumper thread, hope you like it! x
  • yeah will have it finished tomorrow and will take a photo of it to show you hun, hopefully be in the post by monday :) x
  • heya, nearly finished the hoody, just gotta finish the hood and sew the toggles on xxx
  • ok yours will be my next one, is £27 quid ok? x
  • hello pops, do you still want that pixie hoody for your little un? x
  • I hope you don't mind me reminding you but some of us will be lighting our candles tonight for our lost babies, it's 7pm
  • yeah mate after tea will probs be best for me to, i got josh at play thearapy tonight so dont expect to be home till possibly 7 oclock
  • yep they put me in a locked ward the bastards and i want a lovely manic episode to give me energy and stop me feeling so bloody sorry for myself! and my poor car would get washed as right now it looks like mud with wheels and is full of flakey pastry crumbs!
  • oooh i dunno you have to go a long way to out nutter me ha ha! they make me take horrid pills and everything! x
  • what a fab and wow colour! hello i would like to be your friend please if youll have a nutter like me!