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  • hiya hunny hows it going it seems ages since we chatted
    my daughter has now found a house my grandson is 15mnths so i get my house back lol
    ill miss them terribly though
    love the latest pic of your wee one
    huge hugs and mega love sensi
  • Thought you'd like to know! I was wearing a pair of your silver earrings today, and a very nice lady in a charity shop said they were 'really unique and lovely!' :D xx
  • hello flower! we have a landline at last so i get to play on here again - still no sign of a job despite applying on a daily basis. last week I applied for 18 jobs!!! it would be nice even to get an acknowledgement but you just get left hanging in the's things with you and nos lovely? how is your winter shaping up - much snow? and how's the business going? xxx
  • big hugs and lots of love coming your way
    hope you had a good day today sweetheart x x x x x x
  • She is very active with the am dram groups in the area. Initially lovely and quite kooky, but loves to befriend people who are down and unhappy. Once you get happy, she gets reallllly weird! She is an alternative therapist - does reiki, reflexology and massages. Not a bad person by any means, just emotionally fairly high maintenance, if you know what I mean. Wilthshire has some gorgeous countrysides.

    Hope you are feeling more positive. Go out there and make your magic happen! xxx
  • I know Queens cresent but not Expolink. I've lost touch with a lot of cool people I have met here. I'll watch out if a woman I meet is called Maggie. lol.
    I'm glad you are happy with your mountainous landscape. Sounds nice. :)
  • Hi Muffy,

    I live in Chippenham, not far from the old hospital. I like the warmer winters down here.
    Best of luck with your move, it's nice to have something to look forward to isn't it?
  • Thanks for the message muffy.
    Today was ok, saw a few people I knew.
    I don't get to see people many days though, so I am thankful.
    Thank you for asking.

    Colorsound aka Chrissy x
  • Hi Muffy.

    Thank you so much for adding me as a friend. I really appreciate it.

    lots of love
    Colorsound aka Chrissy
  • hey take a look at the post a pic of yourself thread
    its going too make you smile
  • It's a beautiful day here too. Both Chris and I have caught the cold that Catherine, Caroline, and Andy had, so we are getting lots of rest after some very busy days!

    Wonderful news about the community co-ordinator job. I will think very positive thoughts for you on that!

    Hope you are having a lovely day!

    Lots of love to you, dearest friend,
  • morning lovely! sometimes the universe strips you down - it's easier to move forward when you have less to carry! i am sure things will come right for you. it's the uncertainty that's the killer. it'll all be fine in the end and you will look back at these days and go wow! how did we get through that? i know i did....i just got a JD for a community co-ordinator job which was e-mailed through to me by a mate. have been doing a symbol for another job while i get the project up and running and also so i can have an income and this one is part time and very local.

    great news about your sales - see that's all good too - getting rid of the old and moving forward. you have def developed a new creative dimension since you moved back to the uk!!!

    it's another beautiful day down here in the pool. h is back at school.

    have a good one. love to chris.

  • [url][/url]
  • hey, hope your ok? and life is treating you well. I went for it thanks to your advice. here's my website. It needs adjusting i just threw it together in a few days. [url][/url] i kind of wanted it to be a bit more personal to start with just to get to know the customers and just the basic site. Ive got loads more stuff to add to it. if people take an interest i will upgrade and add more pages. :) im so chuffed i cant believe ive done it. (nearly) thank you. Bea x
  • hey flower! how was your day? h finished footie camp today so i sat on the sidelines and scowled at the ref as and when required!!!! H's team came second in the tournament and he is so proud of his medal. they were so lucky with the weather. the camp leader said he had been praying for a dry day and bizzarrely there was always a patch of blue sky dead overhead! i got really cold after an hour of sitting there and came home for a cuppa to warm up with and to get h a snack. so it's back to school for him on monday. we are going to do some test run baking on some recipes i have been developing for bees teas! hope you had a lovely day. hugs xxx
  • hi hunny hope your well and have had a great weekend
    huge hugs sensi
  • oh yes indeed - i love him hugely!!! i just had a mate round and she loves him too... xxx
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  • you are so kind hunny
    im not bothered though honestly about any imperfections as that adds too the beauty
    big hugs sensi
    enjoy your weekend
  • muffy sweetheart
    the mock up pendant you have posted is it by any chance up for sale
    hope your well
    huge hugs to a lovley lady
  • hey lovely - expect the postie to bring something for you tomorrow!!!![URL=""]:hug:[IMG][/IMG][/URL][B][COLOR=Olive][SIZE=2][FONT=Fixedsys]xxx
  • Hi muffy, just wanted to say, the site looks great. I must admit I really liked the old one and wasn't sure I would, but it's ace. I am saving up for a pair of your earrings! By the way, can really sympathise on the pain front, it's such a drag. Hope that now you can access the help you need at last. I hope we never lose the NHS x
  • FYI, I mix a can of tuna with a splog of light mayo, a bigger splog of horseradish, some lemon juice and pepper. It's to die for - my darling dad's recipe! xxxxx
  • omg - leek and gruyere quiche - that sounds just heavenly - but we couldn't have that for tea cos h is dairy intolerant!!!! i love a j p!!! and i love horseradish....and i am thinking about starting to put fish back in the diet just to help with the anaemia. i will have a big search in my desk for the cd - there is also a hand out on symbol therapy which may be useful to you also....i use it all the time. it's amazing!!! hugs to you both xxx
  • hey flower! how's it going? just finished making veggie shepherds pie - now in the oven and h outside in the garden playing footie. hope you had a better day. i have been trying to find the cd i have the relaxation techniques workshop handout from the programme i wrote. when i do i'll email it to you. hugs to you both, bee xxx
  • one coming back at ya darlin!!! xxx
  • just sent you an email to your normal email addy....very flattered that nos would do a pic for us. will have to get Jez up from brighton at some point.....sun's coming out!
  • what i would really love is a bee pendant!!! do you think you could manage something like that? if i ever managed to get all my boys up north together (happens rarely since my mother passed - no one likes my dads wife) i would love nos to do a funky portrait of us all.... anyway i am giong to email your links to as many of my mates as poss that i know would buy your sort of designs. hugs, bee xxx
  • just been on your sites - lovely lovely missus! didn't see that lovely pair of earrings that looked like a bunch of grapes tho......
  • morning flower! just stopping by to wish you and nos success with your web venture! sending you love and light, bee xxx