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  • Hi mate just thought i should say thanks for the post on the free seeds you put up . We've just finnished the last beans today , next time i'll space out the setting a bit more and maybe save some for the polly tunnel and have some for christmas .
    Take care you and coyote and i'll be down your way at Easter so meet you down the pub for a beer lol
  • hey Scarlett, you`re right of course, i just sometimes wish that i could see, what it would be like to not be, an unskinny me, and 8" taller...:)
  • Hiya,im very worried our rob,its a bit more serious than he's letting on.dont want to stress out peeps but scarlett i need your positive vibes babe...
  • Absolutely! I hadn't heard that before, but it's pretty easy, and nice.
  • thankyou just arrived really appreciate it and a big thumbs up for the sticker idea they are brilliant
  • On May 6th.....
  • I miss Scarrrrrrr.


    How are you, my fellow book worm lady?
  • Hi Missus, how did you get on at the doctors....any news? :)
  • [FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=darkorchid]hello scarlett - the body maybe reluctant but the mind is not,,, i travel the dark passage to cronedom having raised my lovely kids to adulthood, waved most of them out into the world, the grandkids are wonderous cos they go home,,, now me and the old smelly dog that could well be some sort of spirit guide wander dartmoor and the woodlands that surround my home in the surrealist world of a fabulous 50 yr old - playfulness and imagination never age,,,, can i join the group?? - you must be able to hear my spring chicken crone cackles surely? - [/COLOR][/FONT]
  • thanks for waving
  • hi Scarlett hows ya doing? im new on here so i dont really know what im doing ,threadworms an all that lol,,,
  • Hi, thanks for he welcome. Still trying to figure my way around this site.
  • will not be putting them up dear...they always come in handy for a Pagan party
  • velvet frocks? ooo lemme see a pic....! i just want to drool:)
  • Hi Scarlet

    We hope you and yours have a great Christmas and NewYear.

    All the best

    Gary,Janice and Liam
  • mwahhhhh x
  • Thanks scarlett, and for your comment yesterday too.
    (I'm still trying to recover from the attention !)
  • Haha fair enough :P Pantera are pretty cool :D
  • Here's that link you asked for :D

    [ame=""]YouTube- Nile - Those Whom the Gods Detest[/ame]

    I blaspheme the sacred scrolls
    Unwilling to submit
    I embrace what Ra hath called profane"

    :reddevil: :rock:
  • I've been saying for years that you could do better! -LOL-
  • Ah Miss Scarlet :) I trust your fine self is well lady xx
  • Hi, thought i'd have look and see what uk hippy was all about looks great so i've followed you and joined. chat soon thanks again for posting my site Julia xxx
  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm hello Miss Scarlet :hug:
  • Hi, I have just joined the site, and came across your group and as that sums me up to a tee, I thought I would investigate. I noticed it was an invite only group, so I am hoping I will be able to join.
    I have been struggling with the dreaded M for a couple of years now, and it is made worse by medication I have to take (long story), and as I am only 35 I started early due to the fact I had a hysterectomy at an early age. My overies were left in, and lasted until a couple of years ago, when I started to feel just not quite right. So went for blood tests and lo and behold my estrogen levels were in my boots, so here I am constantly living in a red hot summer, and practically live in the shower!!!!! So I hope that I am able to contribute to the group. I have a fair bit of medical training so I am also able to maybe advise on pharmaceuticals and natural remedies!!!! If you wish to know anything about me, please feel free to ask!!!!

    Brightest blessings
  • T'was his daddy's choice. He's quite big into celtic mythology too. I know a lot of the folklore but personally i can't help but feel that mythology is just that. A tale brought about so that people can more easily relate to the energy source that it invokes. Folklore is one thing but in the case of deities i often feel much more attuned to the actual energetic and vibrational principle in question than i do to a made up face i've never known, chosen to represent it.
    Bit heavy goin' but there y'ar'. =)
  • Hey,

    been a fair few days since you commented on Nuada's name and i wasn't sure you'd get my thanks in the thread now, so thought i'd pop in here and say thankyou.
    That is where we took it from, hoping he'd find strength and inspiration in it in times of need. How gutted were we when Hellboy 2 came out and Prince Nuada was the villain, with a load of nonsense alongwith him about his history! Bloody writers!

    Anyway, Peace & light to you and yours
    Virosa x
  • thanks again. yes i saw round the forums that u are having a hard time too. sorry to hear that. im just feeling a bit sorry for myself atm, having to do it all on my own all the time. but i guess what dosnt kill us, makes us stronger. :O)
    i thought after all the trouble he caused, and then not being in touch at all for a yr, was enough to open their eyes. lol...i might use the time to gutt their darent open the door most days. and i will tex Dan, the oldest later, wishing them a good time and to stay in touch, and to tell me what they get up to. i miss them. all the best to you and yours. :O)
  • Thank you so much.:)
  • :( *passes hot honey and lemon*
    Feel better soon
  • Cat didnt wake you again did it? thought you were too sane to be up at this hour..