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  • ooh just saw the pic:):thumbup:beautiful
  • hey T .....Thinkin of ya :)no wise words just give it time :hippy:x
  • :waves:ok T meister;its great chillout ive bookmarked it:p
  • :hippy:theres an online smooth jazzy thing called 181fm/sensual world ilisten to a lot if you find time T;)
  • awww :Duber sweet ...i was a walter softy all yesterday:o
  • [IMG][/IMG] have a jolly old time T meister...:hippy::beard:
  • :waves:morning T meister,glad to see you on site,keep well:hippy::beard:,we are both good thanks,just waving ttfn to my sis and her pal;a birthday weekend and the place is messy but it went great i will be out xmas shopping and then chores a plenty ,lol ,,,have a fine day,,,[video=youtube;g0gGg9l-LWE][/video]
  • [IMG][/IMG]:hippy::D:beard:
  • glad to hear youre on the up -have a great time leeds is cool:D
  • :waves:hope youre ok T meister:hippy::beard:[IMG][URL=""][IMG][/IMG]still practicing da bucket[/URL][/IMG]
  • he made en electro type album around 1980 called trans; inspired by his son bens motor neurone disease... i was not happy:whistle:but i heard it lots and ended up loving it :Djust keep an open mind,its not what were used to...:beard:
  • :Dquote from uncle week im a -im a jerk:hippy::beard:
  • thanks Tmeister i put lobo in pets..:owell it was me by mistake but i fixed it:D
  • [IMG][/IMG]:hippy::D
  • nice one T i deff well do that:thumbup:
  • T .... you ate a star

  • posted a tribute thread ...:(
  • [video=youtube;tV3SWjrt2rE][/video] aww happy birthday T:hippy:
  • How are you doing? :beard::hippy: hehe
  • Aww hey Lateralus22 how thoughtful! :yourock:Errm I'm still trying to get the hang of it. Also I can't find a photo that'll fit my profile pic area & it's verrry quiet for me but I guess it all takes time :)
  • [url][/url] :waves:my mate sent me this,interesting site:cool:
  • [IMG][/IMG]:D:thumbup:
  • [url][/url] :D:waves: hope this is what you want
  • :Dlol...[IMG]…chXdPURSpLdCxLllhnM9aP7bQ[/IMG]
  • [IMG][/IMG]awwwww:p
  • :wub:so loverlee Tmeister..:Di nearly got a husky but the wolef is in my blood-and i may yet get another:insane:
  • [url][/url] got this sent i think you might find it worth a look:D
  • :hippy:a brill version T they are like the swell season,but maybe added humour:Di listened to the whole gig:thumbup:
  • :pmanaging to avoid those discs of it pear in tins,sans syrup:angel:
  • [IMG][/IMG] heh heh :whistle: how did that happen..anyhow he was inspecting himself