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  • Geraldine and I did have a good trip, and Peter likes her. Sorted stuff with him, which is good.

    She doesn't seem to be charging, but I'm not sure if I switched her over so she was charging the leisure battery; not a big worry anyway, i can get that sorted.

    Thank you, she and I will be very happy together!
  • :)
    Awr thank you hunny
    Kitten xx
  • It is the whole easter weekend. I am sure there will be people there on saturday and sunday :)
  • Cool, it would be great to meet you :)
  • Hi there, just wondered if you are coming to the Dorset Gathering?
  • yeah really a wizard......are you really a hippy.........dont know how to become friends but will try...i is in bristol getting ready for da festivals....wot u up too......at the mo....big love.....x
  • To be honest if I put aside my drink money I could afford one. Got about 400 already so if I can go on the wagon for a bit i might be able to actually afford a wagon of my own. Enjoy yours anyhow!
  • Cool we bus! I want one.
  • hey hippie love the rainbow hat.....peace...wizard
  • Good to be in touch with someone else who puts the word 'rainbow' up on high....

    I was looking at your page and van thread earlier (neat van that)..looks like you have a good direction to build up as your kids grow. It made me think of a friend I bumped into this year from way back. Her kids are off doing their thing and sometimes travelling, sometimes with her as she goes about her travels.

    your profile pic says much... wonderful :D
  • Ditto! Happy new year to you :) xx
  • Do you have children ?? I only ask because I saw your thread on having a new van. Well we just bought one too and I have 4 childrren we were wondering what the law on seat belts in the back were with these vans as our van does not have belts in it. ??
  • Hi, how you doing, isnt life bloody BRILLIANT!