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  • Hello Lovely . Hope you are well and life is treating you right , x me
  • Thanks for your message....just let me know when you are free x x x x
  • Yes i am fine just about finished building me and Suzanne a new van :D all mod cons dont you know floor to celling carpet and everything , there are some pictures on camera club under.. its me van .. :) other than that we just been enjoying are selves doing silly things and going to nice places :)
  • Hello lovely lady how is you ?
  • Hello there, how are you?
    A group of friends and I wrote this; thought it may interest you. [url][/url]

    Hope all is good where you are.
  • Hi Autumn, lovely to meet you on my last evening at the gathering :)
  • Cannot find a way to pm you from my phone but wanted to say hello as I am drowning in a sea of welsh inbreddedness...
  • hope your knee gets better soon :hug:
  • hello :) hope you're good
  • :) morning lovely! :flower: have a wonderful monday :hug: and spread some happiness this week :sunflower:sunflower
  • thankee for ringing, I rang back and you were out, of course ;o)

    hope you are well, speaky soon x
  • :waves: morning flower :hug: looks like it might be another chilly one[IMG][/IMG] stay warm and have a wonderful day :sunflower
  • hi i did it :)
    lovely tree.
  • Afternoon lovely lady xxx hope you are well :)
  • :waves: [COLOR=Purple]morning lovely!:eek: we have more snow!!!:frust: this is going to make the walk to school and work fun!!![/COLOR]:sunflower[COLOR=Purple]have a great day and stay warm....:) [/COLOR]
  • :flower: morning lovely!:sunflowerno school again for h :xcoolsnow i have decided that i am going to clear the pavement outside out flat today :xsnowface it's thick ice and at least there will be a bit of pavement that peeps can walk on safely :xdeer: have a lovely day - and keep warm :monster:
  • Hi hunny hope all is well and your managing with all this snow -17 here at worst
    Just wanted to let you know the girls are coming along great lynda was out of bed yesterday. Was tough but she did it
    Jasmines ventilator was turned down a little
    Thanks for your support
    Lots of love sensi
  • thank you... have coal and wood...
    you too.. how old is your son? have a good time xx
  • heya

    i found some christmas spirit and have now lost my address book and front teethe somewhere between the kitchen and a stack of seasonal tat!

    coul you PM me your postcode and phone number again, in case I don't find the book till 2010! I can cope without the teeth, but not my contacts

    anything you need for tomorrow?

  • [IMG][/IMG] [COLOR=Red]morning flower [/COLOR][IMG][/IMG][COLOR=Red] still waiting for snow here [/COLOR][IMG][/IMG][COLOR=Red] hopefully there will be some this afternoon.....h will be out playing in it - i'll just watch from the window![/COLOR]
  • she was well poorley . . . 2 jumpers. body warmer and two duvets and still cold on saturday:eek: loads of echinaecia, potters chesty cough stuff and calpol and loadsa honey and lemon and has gone to school thismorning, with note to come home if feels crappy

    think she'd had enough of her nurse . . . ;)
  • [SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Green]:waves: good morning :sunflower have a happy day :thumbup:[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
  • hi - I am blooming useless - Ive just noticed Paul has a dentists appt at 10.20 which 'l Ibe dropping him off to - he will be about an hour as its a lot of work hes having done - I'll be able to get to the station at 10.40 ish?
  • 10's great I'll walk the dog down there - check on Fri morning in case of ...........
  • friday morning would be good - how about 10? im good for any time!
  • Hiya - Arghh, if you'd said yesterday!! Lol I have 6 hrs of college today! thursday mornig would be do-able, my sons at playgroup then, so I have 2 hrs of peace and quiet! if not thurs, how about friday?
  • It was a pleasure, and thank you for all the supplies. I will take you up on the Bath tour sometime, and a spot of lunch. Maybe next time we should try the other spa to compare. See you very soon, x x
  • you tooo!!! sorry I was a big grrrrr! life been a bit menta atm, was so good to chill out with you guys though, I forgot how cool female company was/is!!
    hope you ok and hopefully see you againxxxxx
  • I forgot about the cake! I hope it tasted nice! It was nice meeting everyone and putting faces to names, I hope we can do it again soon. I will hopefully get up the alllotment soon - its been a bit neglected, but then it isnt actually mine !!
  • Yay!! I got a prize!! :)