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  • I hope you get it sorted. Failing that, I think i'd be inclined to order my own oil.

    :) x
  • I think that they may be taking the mick. Do you see the tickets from the deliveries?

    Doesn't add up to me; not by a very long way.

  • Hello !

    Week seems to be going ok at the moment. Chap making very interested noises about my van. Which would be good.

    Night of no work tonight, but may need to do some running around to get van and bike both over at the pub.

    £8 on hot water a day is madness - are you sure there isn't a leak in the system somewhere? It'd be cheaper to boil kettles!

    Hope that you are having a grand day.


    :) x
  • Always got hugs for you my frend

    :) x
  • Hello you!

    Not slowed down quite yet - not getting her for a few weeks yet - I'm hoping for the 2nd week in March, all things being equal. But I'll still have my Triumph for when the pace needs moving on a little.......

    It seems that there is an active attempt being made to make it more difficult to find a job; sometimes I think this country has totally lost it's way.

    But I guess that's why I'm getting a bus in a field.....

    Sending a :hug: to cheer your afternoon.

    Hope the week is good to you.

    :) x
  • I so hope it is a better year!
    And now i will have a proper home where I can stay whatever the weather, and can take to all the events that we do on the island.
    How's the world treating you and yours? Well I hope.

    :) x
  • You have no idea how happy this has made me

    Hope all is good with you.

    :) x
  • Yep,thats brilliant thanks.Weather doesnt know what its doin at mo,was sunny today,so yeah ring if its being torrential otherwise just come.Thanks aain and sorry for gettin in way of moving dates
  • Hiya,thanks *nugs*.The infections cleared up but shes licking herself raw and is obviously uncomfortable when shes not distracted so jordis called uni to say he wont be there for the induction on the 2nd so we can do it sooner.So I've now booked the vets for weds afternoon so jordi can come over tuesday night.I got your email and sunday and tues would be great if you can still do those? No worries about monday but would early weds be possible so me and jordi can give her a long walk to knacker her before the vet comes? Theyre coming between 3 and 4 so I was thinking 12.30ish to take her out and try to get from the lake side to the town side of the walk and get picked up there.Dont worry if you cant,just thought I'd ask before coming up with a plan B.My head bursting now so I need to go lie down but thanks for your messages,they were much appreciated xx
  • Good Morning!

    Is lovely and bright, and I really want to either go to sleep or go to the beach!

    But all is well, in a not enough hours in the day for sleep sort of a way.

    It sounds like your boss is either a thoughtless twinkle or doesn't give a monkeys about peoples families; either way shouldn't hold a position of authority. It annoys me when folk forget that poeople have families, and at the end of the day everyone works so that they can afford to enjoy the time when they aren't at work. I try to remember what it was like when Peter was at school whenever I'm dealing with staff with kids.
    Gig tonight, Status Quo at Cowes Marina; just down the road from where Liz lives. She's traveled most of the country to see them over the years, so it seems right that they should travel to her for a change!

    Hope the week is being good to you.

    :) x
  • Good morning!

    Hope the poxy job grumps have gone away. Mine are just starting - that's what Monday mornings are for!

    I haven't got a clue what Rob's surname is - we only ever meet at club stuff, generally in Guernsey. That said, i am looking and getting him to build a custom for me, so I'll be coming down one weekend with the donor bike; maybe we could meet up for a pint? We'll see what comes of it, as i still need to get a few more quid in the bank.

    I seem to be looking at a very long week with a quo gig and a festival to fit in around work. But that's all part of the fun!

    Hope you had a good weekend, and that this week is good to you.

    :) x
  • Good morning!

    Exmoor, sounds nice. Specially if you'll have your own space. I know exactly what you mean about boundries; I was in digs during the week for a few years, which was what prompted me to move into a van in the first place.

    I have a mate who lives on Exmoor; Rob, builds bikes; haven't got a clue where abouts he is - we generally meet up in Guernsey at club parties.

    I best get a move on as I have a bit of work today.

    Hope you have the best weekend

    :) xx
  • All ok with me, usual level of confusion. Liz and i are good friends now and spend a fair amount of time together; it took a while, but we're in a good place with each other at the moment - who knows what will come of it!

    So when are you meant to be moving? I guess I should have been paying more attention to threads, but I've had a pretty busy few weeks, holiday etc. You going far? I hope it's a very good move for you.

    The sun is lovely here today, and I'm going to have a superb day.

    Have the schools finished down your way yet? Is far to nice a day to think of kids being couped up in a classroom!

    have a grand day

    :) x
  • Just popped by to say hello.

    hope all is good with you and yours

    :) x
  • [email][/email]
  • Biiiiiiiig huuuuug xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Send my hellos to little Ro, please =]
  • Send my hellos to little Ro, please =]
  • Then drove Liz home - the long way round the island so we could talk. I reallt think that we might be able to be good friends, which is good as I miss her a lot.
    Then I got the boat back to the big island, drove half way up towards work, parked up at the back of a service station.
    Monday morning woke to a sunny drive north and another week at work.
    But I can deal with work if the weekends are good!

    Hope all is good with you

    :) x
  • Sunday i had a lie in, then went and picked Liz up - Jess had gone out for a picnic with friends.
    We went over to Ventnor and had lunch at our fave place over there (Tapas) and then had a walk on the beach and paddled.
    Then to the pub on the front where another friends band was playing. Was a grand gig, sunshine, sea views and good modern folk music.
    Mooched around, had a walk down the pier, and generally did nothing. Didn't want to leave so we had an evening meal on the front. My eating out budget for the whole month went in one day! Was good though.
  • Hello!
    Mad busy week here! But busy is good really as it means we have work.
    I had a grand weekend, hope yours was good too?
    Worked Friday eve at the pub, but was a good session as I worked with my mate Rodger.
    Saturday i got up and drove down to the island.
    Put the van on a site.
    Took Liz and Jess (her daughter) to the ice hockey (we won). After the gig we went to the Arts centre where a friends band was recording a gig. Then to the pub and a cab back to the site.
  • I really don't know what the plan is for me for Easter weekend, was thinking about doing to the Gathering on the Thursday eve. But the morris team on the island are short of dancers for the weekend. So, maybe, if things go well with my "friend" I'll pop over, if not, I don't know!

    Anyway, i guess that i should do some work.

    I hope that the weekend is good for you, and I'll catch up soon.

    :) x
  • Good Morning!

    Well at least it's Friday - seems to have been a long week.

    Worked last eve, but it was a pretty quiet shift to be honest. Am working again tonight too. But have to get through a day at the real job with 2 out of 9 off today - gonna be a bundle of grins. Not.

    Then tomorrow i'm going down to the island. I'm running a beer festival at the Village Mayday celebrations, and there are planning meetings and things to sort out this weekend. Gonna be weird as i haven't seen Liz (my ex) for several weeks, and we are both not really sure how to deal with being "friends" after 6 years as a couple. I'm sure it'll work somehow. If it doesn't I only have to go to the island for mayday weekend and then for Folkstation (folk do at steam railway - I'm helping run the ale), then I have nothing else that I have promised to do over there. Would like to be friends coz i miss her and Jess (her daughter) very much.
  • I'd been contemplating going to Dorset, but it's a long journey from here and I'm working thurs, fri, saturday - so I might pop over for a day or two, if the weather turns out nice. Avebury for beltane might be more likely, as I do at least have the sunday off that weekend. Will see how my energy is I guess.

    take it easy x
  • Long ramblings are good - I'm just a bit past anything long myself by the time I get online at the mo, as there are three teenagers to get past first.

    Sounds like you had a proper Sunday. I'm a bit envious of the time to yourself. I had plenty over the winter, but now I'm back at work, the teenager here has mostly stopped college and his older brother is back from uni - so I'm assaulted by loud music inside and outside. I must have become very old, because I just want a bit of peace and quiet to write somewhere. Been here six months and part of me is yearning for somewhere with my own boundaries and a warmer winter - then I remember I'm here because it's too expensive renting anywhere and being the only one paying bills.
  • Hope my long rambling messages aren't boring you?

    :) x
  • Good job I did chill, coz the week has been pretty full on. Went for a curry with my mate who runs the pub on Monday eve - found out that me and the guy I work with there have been shortlisted to manage the pub :)
    Tuesday eve i was working at the pub.
    Then last night Tom, rep for the day job, was down from Leeds and wanted to go out for a beer and a curry.
    I have to be careful what i eat and drink for the rest of the month or I will be the size of a house!

    Are you going to the gathering easter weekend? I'll be going down on the Thursday eve, but not sure how long I'll be staying for as I may have to go to the island.

    Glad you had such a good weekend - is such a pain when you have to go back to work, isn't it.

    Have a good day

    :) x

    had to cut in two coz I wrote too much!
  • Morning!

    All pretty good here.

    Worked Friday night behind the bar. Stocktake at real job Saturday daytime. Was spare hands and drunk watcher in the pub Saturday eve.

    Decided I was due a treat on Sunday, so I went for a nice meal sitting outside a country pub in the sunshine; was lovely spoiling myself for no reason whatsoever!
    Then went up onto the heath and wandered for a while - sunshine was grand.
    Later in the afternoon i went to the site I use down nearer to Guildford. Is a club site, but woth it. There is a big fishing lake on the site, and it's a lovely place to stay. I sat in the sunshine sewing the curtains for the van while my washing was in the site machines. Was a really nice chilling time.
  • Good morning!

    hope you had a grand weekend

    :) x
  • Hope you have a grand weekend!

    i'm stocktaking today, and working the pub later. Worked the pub last night.

    Doing nothing tommorrow!

    :) x