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  • Hey Carly hope you had a good weekend. I've not deleted you off fb, and don't intend to. I've deactivated the account for now until I've had a think about things, so don't think I have. I apologise again I'm so embarrassed. Its a long story but ill tell you sometime! If you fancy a chat one evening this week id really appreciate it, if you can bare me waffling on haha. Take it easy Carly......and so sorry again x
  • [COLOR=#000000]haha yes it is. bare in mind that there is a distinct possibility that I might have been off my todd (maybe)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000]I'm dancing around in my boxers, a trench coat, with a furry white shawl type thing and it was an amazing night [/COLOR]:)
  • Hi sweetie, your "I'm late" post really hit a nerve with me...hope you manage to slow down and smell the roses...I don't know what if any help I can be, but I'm all yours if it helps. xx
  • Ah thanks, I'll have a google and get some contact details for them. I live on the West side of Newcastle (west denton, towards hexham direction). I don't drive and I'm not sure if that would be a problem. I guess my best bet would just be to contact one of the organisations and getting a bit of advice?
  • There're different types, so it depends really. The easiest thing to get into is practical conservation as you don't need any previous experience to volunteer. You'd probably be best getting in touch with Northumberland Wildlife Trust. They run volunteer days from Tues-Thurs, and you can let them know what you want to do regularly, or just randomly book yourself in. The other thing is voluntary survey work, but that usually requires experience and/or qualifications. Hope that helps!

    Where in Newcastle are you from, if you don't mind me asking? I live near Wallsend, although at the moment I'm working on the Isle of Man.
  • I've spent a lot of time in an out of college but my problem is I get bored easily. I'd rather work my way into things (volunteering etc) as opposed to committing to studying. Not necessarily interested in working in conservation as much as I am volunteering - and if I did volunteer long term and found myself enjoying it enough to study then so be it. What kind of voluntary jobs would one be able to do?
  • Noticed a few of your posts here and there about wildlife conservation then noticed you're also in Newcastle. Can I ask how you're involved with it? It's somethin I've had a bit of a want to do for the past few years bot not sure locally where I can look.
  • :) hidding under a rather cosy rock! lol Nah, just had a break from here, nice to be back now though :) How are the bird related studies going?
  • Hello stranger! :)
  • Ah no, been quite unwell, then felt better for seeing a friend, but helped him move to Leeds and got rather ill again, oops, hehe. Currently only plan is eating some yogurt :flower:.
  • Hey Starling, how are your plans for the bird survey job going?
  • Hi starling, I'm Alex, thought I'd say drop by and say hi
  • Hey,

    I sent you a message last night, (might have been a pm?) but I have no idea whether I did it right/you recieved it etc. This is all a bit new to me! :)
  • Im going to put some bat boxes up i keep seeing pips around and what i think is a wiskered bat it seems to be a totaly different shape to the pips , we have some others to they are much bigger they must come from the old stone quarreys near us .
  • Im ok babe just about finished building new van , theres some pics on camera club , might bugger off at the weekend to see if the peri falcons back at watchet and play on the bristol channel , what you been up to ?
  • it was gone midnight bugger lugs , bad birdie x [IMG][/IMG]
  • your up late little bird x
  • Yes one day it will be you!!!! Out there with your feathered friends and getting paid for it too !!!! So glad you're going to be doing something that you love!

    Yeah , sometimes I think of publishing my work ... but I feel I've got a little way to go yet. Need to get the painting under control, then I'll see what happens. Thanks so much for the encouragement. It helps so much to have other people believe you're capable.

    Have a lovely day:):):):)
    Catkin xxxxxooooo
  • hey, thanks hun. it just annoys me when people are proud to breed! shouldnt happen but its easy money, shame tho, bet the cats will be in a rescue centre within 3 years. never mind tho, hope your well x
  • :DHey Starling .. So nice to hear from you again! Congratulations on graduating last year!!:clap:

    I..once upon a time did a nursing science degree but the nursing career didn't last long after I had my two children. To be honest I don't think my heart was in it.. no actually it was having too my heart that made it difficult. Watching people suffer was very emotionally draining for me I just couldn't leave work at work, if you know what I mean. So I've been home with the kids for quite a while now and a spot of ill health made sure I never went back to nursing ( rheumatoid arthritis). So I'm now quietly pursing my art and loving it. I'm lucky I have a very supportive partner!!!

    Hope you find a job you love! We have the Hawk conservancy near us...a lovely place and the people who work there always look so happy! They have lots of owls there too!! I love owls!!!

    Catkin xxxooo:)
  • Thanks again for the encouragement.:) I think I can do special prices for students even "specialer" prices for students who are going to conserve wildlife and nature? Hows the course going? Where do you think you'll end up working?
  • :waves: Thank you so much for your encouragement on the drawing thread! It makes me feel like I finally might be getting somewhere!!:):)
  • :waves: morning lovely! :sunflower weekend is almost over - i have a friend over to lunch yesterday and the plan was to go for a walk somewhere wonderful with the kids but the kids rebelled so we just sat around drinking lavender and rose tea ( which is uber scrummy) i also want to get my winter knitting project finished and i only have a bit more to do...then i can start on the spring felting one! it's half term this week and i'm going to take h to york to the viking thing. we are coming up to northumberland (your ends i think) for the hadrians wall thing in march. h's godmother lives at wylam. my granny's family were from corebridge ...i love it up there. plan on going for dinner at the robin hood on the military road (or the errol flynn as we call it!) [SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]:hug: [/FONT][/SIZE]:sunflower have a beautiful sunday...:peace:
  • :wave: morning flower! :sunflower have one of these :hug: and a happy day :flower::sunflower
  • yes - was working todya just got home and have to do the mummy stuff now!!!
  • :D - [URL][/URL]

  • :hippy3: morning flower!:sunsmile:have a beautiful day :hug: :sunflower
  • i loved the pic of your crocheted budgie, sooo cute and realistic aaahhh
  • hi you! if you are on when i am in the morning then i'll drop by and say hello! i hope to go back to work on tues - don't work mondays!!! hoping that the schools will be open...there is talk that they may be closed again tomorrow. this is a really long christmas break - and the after school club isn't in either.....totally nuts! and we are only allowed 5 days a year for childcare issues!!! have a lovely evening!xxx
  • [COLOR=Magenta]:waves:[B][SIZE=2][FONT=Comic Sans MS] morning lovely! [/FONT][/SIZE][/B][/COLOR][COLOR=Magenta]:hug: [SIZE=2] i really don't like these long weekends [/SIZE][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2]and two in a's just confusing really - and i am not alone, young h said that he thought last night was sunday!!! :rolleyes: tbh if it were in the summer then i wouldn't mind so much:sunflower we are due snowlater - again :xcoolsnow have a wonderful day whatever you do and whatever the weather! [/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=Magenta]:flower:[/COLOR][COLOR=Magenta]