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  • I do kinda stand out a little. I have made lots of mummy friends who are all your typical mid to late thirties career women who have had lots of problems trying to concieve because of their age. But I am very open minded and although I am obviously quite different from a lot of the women surrounding me, a lot of them are also really nice, and it is surprising the similarities that you can find you have.
  • Ahh well aren't you lucky you met me then! ;)
  • you look after that Mel for us and remind her that she has a beautiful singing voice
  • no definately not the next agatha wotsit ~ just another bit in my degree of faffing around

    glad you got a burner now and hope you have work to keep you goin
  • Not sure if I'm doing this in the right place - turn your back for five minutes and the website goes all weird. I'm good cheers - been away from interweb for a while obviously. Almost done on the build - frame's up - helping out for a week getting the roof on. Then back to the woods. How's things your end - student life going ok?
  • another unpimped page :wag: Sure sign of a life outside ukh:D
    Hows you Pedro?Long time no chat..Hows the build going?
  • hello mister