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  • For you, this will make ya laugh.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Cubby dances to Beyonce Single Ladies[/ame]
  • call if you want am bored and need a laugh
  • hello hun, how are you doing?
    miss chatting with you!
  • No she's a pain, more so than normal, fuckin kid, still hasn't told me what she wants or what we are doing, so we are all sitting around not knowing what to do. Some 21st this is, you'd think she would want to do something, but she keeps say don't fuss, like it's a crime to wan t to be nice to a person on their big day, i have a house full of ppl, for what would appear to be no good reason.
  • hope you can get it sorted, hun.

    computers can be so annoying sometimes!
  • figures that when i finally log into MSN to chat, it doesn't want to work :(
    i was wondering what was going on. thought maybe i'd offended you some how. :couch:
  • Boo. Am stuck in bed sick and your number is downstairs, but i have a phone with me, if your about today and want a chat call me, we can carry on planning how to take over the world mwhahahaha
  • yep I sure am.
  • Get off the bloody phone woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    11am monday morning.
  • g on then i dare ya tee hee
  • Aww :wub: what a lovely photo of you and Rosie in the Camera Club :D
  • call me now if you want
  • Call me if you want am at home.
  • Ok, still not well call me about one, think i need to go back to bed in a minute.
  • morning babe! :)
  • Hi babes, a bit early, it's like the middle of the night and times going backwards
  • :death:Ahhh i was reading one of your posts and got shot.........................
  • ok sweet heart
  • [IMG][/IMG]
  • you're most welcome aerisje :xgrin:

    and cheers for what was a grrrroovy weekend :xdrink:

    woofie xoxox
  • It almost puts you of posting, some ppl really should shut up, no need to assume it's your fault. love ya babes xxxxxx
  • You okay babes, i knew that would get to you, hugs and kisses xxxxxxxxxx
  • [IMG][/IMG]
  • hey hun shud be on msn in a bit all good ta love you too xxxxxx
  • I want to see photos of your decorated house missy :)

    hope you're good ~ not been online much, lots on this end x x x
  • I can't believe what i just read, and as for what the others said what the fuck, it's sick really sick, but i am glad you told me. Makes you wonder what goes on in some ppls heads ffs, it's vile.
  • we were going to use that colour azuer that your sister gave you and the old colour from the lounge. don't use the ones we got you as we need them for the hall, loo and conseratory.
  • oh good, i love that colour, but it can be a worry when it's a grey day.
    Stop drinking tea, you must have had enough by now, go and do that bloody work, says she sitting here doing nothing for the second day