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  • Ahh ha yes my four legged friend is named Yuri. Reason - Yuri is Russian for Earth worker.... though hes not much of an earthworker lol
    Have a lovely day tomorrow :)
  • Hello Elfin.
    Hows things in your neck of the woods?:)
  • hey elfin:waves:love the collecting stars and glitter comment:cool::hippy:
  • Hi elfin, just dropping by to spread some universal vibes of happyness your way. :)
  • hello elfin, have a lovely evening and peacfull dreamzzzz :)
  • Dropping by again with a big sparkly hug for you...makes me happy to see your name in the 'members who've visited' list.
  • Good to see you still drop in here sometimes

    Hope you have a wonderful glittering Yule time
  • [FONT=Comic Sans MS][I]This page definitely needs to be more sparkly![/I][/FONT]
    [I][FONT=Comic Sans MS]XX[/FONT][/I]