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  • Sending you all peace and joy for Christmas xxx
  • Hi - from a total newbie - I'm female, blue eyes, 5'4" tall, birthday in a couple of weeks, heterosexual, in a relationship, love reading, crocheting and jewellery making - remind you of anyone? OK, OK - I'm 33 years older than you, and my birthday is the 15th, not the 17th - but it's obvious that despite the age difference, we have much in common..... :)
  • hiya hunny
    let me know what you want for the straightners hun
    hows things anyway all good i hope
    hows the new place
  • lmao, no thats natures way of seeing how determined I am on getting them posted!! Ive just bought a cable off ebay, 2 days delivery!!:D
  • Oooh missus you lookin at me legs hmm?:o
    Lol. It was great to see every one again and all the extras too. Problem tho, I cant find the bloody usb cable for my camera to download the fotos, and I got some good shots too. :D
  • cheers for the 'chat' last night and the phone number...my mobile number is rarely on apart from evening and night as its my alarm clock though I do use it too when Clo is out n about as this new sim is so much cheaper than my landline...god don't I waffle...lol! Anyway the number is 07999499850.
  • morning flower! just poppin by with a tune to say hello as am not getting any time these days to play on here at all. hope all is well in your world! peace light and love xxx
  • Hey Vik, how's you doing, are you all better now ?
  • she is ok now thanks, i,m back in midlands in morning x
  • operation jj enroute babe
  • Lovely to see you too :D Thanks, the gf cakes are quite successful I'm relieved to say!!
    See you soon xxx
  • :waves:Hi Viki,not to bad thanks.How are you doing?How's the ankle?x
  • in the rain with an arthritic dog,who wont go outside the house/garden, no shops for two miles,can you tell i,m bored?
  • sorry vik tis all gone tits up, i,m down in somerset at my mums,she is in the hozzie and i,m dog sitting, mum broke her hand
  • Im feeling ok thank you. Been a good day as sun was out. Took all the kids for a game of footy and walk in forest. Will give them a hug from you. =D
  • .....yeh, and the fact that my phone needs updating and doesn't hold a charge for too long, so is often switched off ;)
  • Just texted you back....yes, it really has taken me this long....lol !!!
  • No, I'll go and have a look now!
  • That's so kind but I have to stick around London for a job xx
  • Hi Vicki,I'm not too bad thanks.If you're having trouble with your ankle I would hassle the hospital to get it sorted.I hope everything else is ok.
  • I don't know man.. I don't know what to do at all... thanks though love xx
  • :waves:Hello you!:)How are you doing?Sorry to hear about your accident:(.Has the ankle become any easier to live with?
  • You know where we live if you want to come round xxx
  • Im ok now vik,sorry just had a bad e-mail yesterday but im not going to let them get to me xxxx
  • Hey! Thanks :D What threads did you think were good? I am just taking a break from some hardcore drawing :D Im posting it on my art thread, I need opinions on whether it should be a dragon or a dinosaur?

  • Just looking at the message I sent earlier - I meant she would NOT get bent out of shape! LOL
  • So glad it got there safely! And I'm thrilled you like the extra little pressie so much. I giggled when I put them in - hoping they would make you smile. Did the little goddess make it one piece? She is made of such fine copper, I was hoping she would get "bent out of shape" during the mailing process. xxxxx
  • course i will! i'll also bring some wikkid books i have about women pirates!

    tell her to google anne bonney, mary read and charlotte de berry, (my three favourites!) :D and i will be in full pirate outfit from the beginning to end!
  • i've got a birthday party to go to tonight mate . its my cousins 4 year old sons party so got to be there or the family will hate me even more lol
  • Thank you.. It is a bit crap! Just trying to find cheap van to buy asap!