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  • hi hunny please could you close my thread about lee in chatterbox
    the one entitled oh no not again please

    thankyou much appreciated
    hope all is well with you and izzy x x x
  • Yes flower we are thanks. Am thinking about having a bit of a UKH get together for a house warming but sadly I think you are a little far away from us still....
  • Hey flower. Hope all is good with you. We have survived the move south and we are (clearly) back on line! sending you a cyber hug! xxx
  • all sent hun let me know when it arrives hugs sensi
  • hey lovely - we are about the same as you - in the middle of moving down south - stressed but we'll live! peace light and love
    bee xxx
  • Cool! yeh I am doing archeaology, its really good! the uni is really nice and the city is lovely :) I'm going to stay for a bit when I finish uni x
  • Hey! yay for Winchester, its where the cool people live clearly ;) I'm here because of the uni, how about you?
  • Hey there lovely - hope things are all good in the mouse hole! Peace light and love , Bee xxx
  • hi hunny hope your well
    i remember a while ago you put a recipe on for a microwave pudding in a cup well silly me i cant find it i was wondering if you could let me have the recipe
    love your profile pic its so you
    love and hugs sensi
  • He,he,'ello you :) I'm guessing youre referring to my 'novel' on paddys thread..I'm really bad at judging how people are likely to react to stuff so I'm never sure if I'm going to get agreement or lynching :P
    Sorry I've not been in touch.I tried pm'ing you three times after reading about your grandfather but they all crashed firefox and I'm nervous about my computer going wrong so havent tried again.It mightve been coz I was trying to send images though.And I totally forgot about walls! Rubbish excuses I know but true.How you doing with everything? Have things calmed down with your father? And did you get the appointment you were waiting for yet?
  • Hello hun just letting you know about a spam message in chatterbox
    Have a lovely weekend xx
  • Hi, Have the curtains arrived yet? I did send them second class. :)
  • Yeh,I've met them both a couple of times I think and they seem lovely people.
    Although I generally watch from FB lol, it's been wonderful to see how it's grown, the exhibitions have gotten better and better. I went to one last week, a guy who makes fabulous sculptures using agricultural salvage. I was a bit dissapointed he wasn't actually there for opening night though I must admit. I'd love to exhibit in the art house. It's so important that there is somewhere for local artists and crafters to 'live' and for others to know there's treasure on their doorstep!
    Re the lock cuff. I was really lucky to have found those locks on ebay, I've got a few of them so if you ever want to buy one in the future just gimme a shout :-).
    If your going down there again anytime let me know and I'll drag myself away from my work desk for a coffee lol!
  • Ah ok :-). I don't really know anyone personally down there, I never get/make the time to go down there enough. I plan to rectify that this year. Yeh those bits were made mostly with lighter rubber than I usually use because it's much quicker to work with and I wanted them to have some bits to sell :-). If you ever want anything now you now where to come :) x
  • It's possible :) I donated a few little bits for them to sell, the money will go towards helping secure the place, they were robbed not long ago. That reminds me actually, i was supposed to make arrangements to go see them to sell some stuff for myslef lol x
  • awwwww im very happy that you liked them :D :hug:
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I wondered if you got the squirrel!!!

    I do similar things for various people I know when they're feeling sad or if I think they need a cheer up, and I enjoy it :)

    Hope yer feeling happier and stuff :)
  • good morning PTM! i have to go to the doc this morning as i feel not so good.unwisely i decided to get out & get some fresh air/exercise- it's knocked me backwards, i hate being static/ inactive. am doing a lot of knitting, keeps me in one place! this recouperation is going to take weeks, i'm dreading it. time to change jobs - the one i have is just too stressful & despite all my efforts it also attaches neg enregy to me & i carry that to bed. my bedroom is horrible - it's like walking into a wall so am sleeping in the living room at the mo on the sofa bed. have taken all the crystals out of my room & they're sitting in salt. yesterday i burned frankincense and rose absolute in there. when i'm feeling more energised i'll get in with a smudge stick...hope all is well with you guys in the mousehole. got some beautiful yarn i am doing a waistcoat for me with, have some left over. i should mail you a ball! you'd love it. good for mermaid flowers/anenomes!have a beautiful day petal. xxx
  • I'm curious - how???

    Glad we made you laugh though.

  • getting there hunny
    getting into a routine now theres a new baby in the house
    its tough brings back some sad memories having baby here full time
    but ill be ok
    hows your self hows the family doing
    you look radiant in your latest pics
  • hello flower! it seems like ages since i really got to play here. it's good to be back - even if the methodology to getting back here wasn't great. hope things are good with you. hugs, bee xxx
  • big hugs lovley lady
  • You would be right; my girl has really showed herself to be a bounce back type of gal. Which I am so *very* glad of... I came too close to loosing her. But all is good here and its such a relief to have my girl back. Thanks for the message... xxx
  • You are definitely the most wonderful Tigermouse I've ever met. Definitely. :) xxx
  • i love you very very much x
  • Hi there princesstigermouse. I was sad to see that you'd deleted my blog post about the Christmas season melancholy support group for the reason that it was 'crap'. An awful lot of people find it a hard time of year and it can be helpful sometimes to know that we aren't alone. Its kinda left me feeling a bit unwelcome in this forum too and also might have knocked the couple of UKHippy members who didn't think it was 'crap' and joined before the post was deleted. I guess the times they are a changing as ever. Love and peace Cx
  • lovely lady would you do a proof reading job for me pretty please with sugar on top? to check links are working and i havent made silly mistakes and shizzle...
  • I have no idea what has happened lovely but it is true that time is a great healer :hug: I really hope that life starts to treat you more kindly soon xxxxx
  • hey you :hug: hope things get better for you soon hun xxx
  • :hug: