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  • I would like a sticker with head or mind on it and a cotton bag pls, how do we go about this skulduggery / shenanigans ?
  • Blessed be! :waves:
  • hey new (and only!) friend haha...
  • Hello luffy one, are you there ?
  • Did you not read my post on the swap thread? Go have a look lovely. and thank you xxxxxx
  • I love you :D
  • good morning flower! hope you are all well and life is hunky dory! xxx
  • Hey Enigma, how be things inyour world ? Row
  • Hello Enigma Rising :D I think you are pretty cool indeed.
  • :hug:
  • Hey sorry we didn't really chat much i'm a lil shy but hi any way and loved your dreads x
  • it was great to c u folks again cant wait for the next one......well when ive got my sleep in order again! x
  • Not sure we want to go, and we are trying to sort it out :) so fingers crossed we will be there... if not we are thinking about coming for the day to see people :)
  • hallo! :D
  • Awww that is lovely news!!! I'm sure it won't take long to get settled in :) I miss the countryside! xx
  • Hey
    Thanks so much for your very nice message... I've had some time away and it's done me the world of good. I now feel like my old self and I'm not tempted to go back!!
    I'm near Guildford!!

    How are you??
    :) xx
  • hiya lyns
    thought id let you know
    do you remember the barbu,s from silverdale the people with the kids next too you who were sleeping in the car
    well we kept in touch with them and they now have a house in carnforth and not long ago opened a gallery /coffee shop
    how cool is that
    hope your enjoying the new place
    much love sensi
  • morning flower - in box now emptied!!! have a beautiful day lovely!! xxx
  • hey petal - better to use fresh, the vinegar extracts the essential oils. it's worth having a bottle spare somewhere! lavender is also yummy in choccy biccys and you can use rosemary too in cheesy twists.....they are really the most useful plants you could have!!! rosemary in hot milk with homey also helps sleep and it is delicious too! i will do something about the mail box - lol. i have addys to put in my book....being such a lazy cow at the mo!!! gettin better but bored senseless - am doing a lot of knitting. finished a waist coat for me, am making something for freespirits baby gwen , then have a project for sensis grandaughter skye.....going to have flippin weeks of recoup...am also very anaemic with iron level at 4.1 - safe level is 11...xxx
  • hello flower! hope all is gooe with you and yours! xxx
  • morning flower! have a wonderful happy day. xxx
  • hello petal, alls good - hoping to get to a gathering or two later in the summer. hope all is good with you , eden and steve. peace light and love, bee xxx
  • hello flower! now am recouperating am getting to paly here - a lot!!! hope all is good with you. love to everyone, bee xxx
  • morning flower! just poppin by with a tune to say hello as am not getting any time these days to play on here at all. hope all is well in your world! peace light and love xxx
  • yup it was the right one - just sent you a text and saved yours. will ding you when i'm down. planning a curry nite in southall with rambo and others if poss on tues nite but will be down till sun so we must be able to get to link!!! hugs xxx
  • hello flower! do you still have my phone number? if so can you send me a text with yours as i can't find it. will be in london on tues till sunday, so we must be able to get together for a cuppa at some point!!! peace light and love, bee
  • i should be with you about half ten if thats ok, no point hanging around here aye. i'm on msn, getting your messages, i just cant seem to send any, i will keep trying for now, can you change your status to online so i know if you really are of im just not picking you up. cos i can talk to other people. weird. i'm ok, missing you like hell tho:) roll on tomoro and fun and frolics aye babe.xxxxxxxxxxx
  • darling msn is down, its your end, nothing we can do. hope your well. we need to head north tomorrow to get to the festival site before dark. so you get to me. I drive rest of the way north. if you can get to me by lunch time we will be ok x
  • hi darlin - will be down your ends for a bit 21st - 25th mainly for work but some play time so perhaps we can link up? hugs xxx
  • Love to Eden get well soon matey
    No wonder he's been acting up he's had so much to deal with hunny poor lad
    Oh yeah please do come up doors always open to you guys
    There was no way we could of got down the 9 hrs on coach would of killed ste he's waiting for his MRI
    Glad it all went well. We were there in spirit
    We are looking at ways of moving further south but it's tough as there's 11 of us to move
    Anyway we will see
    Love ya loads