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  • How did you get on in Central America?
  • In the unlikely event that you see this while you're off travelling, did you or have you made it to Costa Rica? I'm leaving Argentina in a couple of days and making my way north to Colombia from Chile. I'm really tempted by Costa Rica and wouldn't mind your thoughts!

    Happy travels :)
  • [COLOR=Lime][FONT=Comic Sans MS][B][SIZE=3]yoohoo! morning lovely....hope you have a wonderful day. xxx[/SIZE][/B][/FONT][/COLOR]
  • I quite like the idea of being down south during the southern hemisphere summer and then head north. I'm not booked yet, as I only confirmed last night that someone was taking over my flat. I need to have a little think about whether I'm starting in Chile or up north! Either way, I've been getting my Wwoofing contacts together and got some more injections next week! I'm so looking forward to it now. My last big trip away was Oz back between 2001-03. I've had some short trips away, but less so in recent years! :)) 5 weeks eh? Awesome. I'll be going in November, probably mid month.
  • Seeing a you're going to South America, I reckon you've seen this:


    Keep your eyes peeled for a revolution! :)
  • I wouldn't mind hearing a few thoughts about South American travel plans from time to time :)
  • Hey Thanks for the post on 'to know love and never touch it'!! 'adore' is a good word. Glad you are starting to feel good about your life again. :) hugs
  • hello! *waves* :)xx
  • Hello there, which shire are you from then? Love your hair by the way, real nice
  • Good to see you loggin in...first time in ages...hope things are going good