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  • NF, what exactly is a djembe? Is it a box drum that you sit upon? If so I am interested. Keep on truckin with Toby n Suzy Trux.
  • hi hun
    was wondering if the red daisy jumper would fit a size 16
    hugs sensi
  • :)Hiya - I wish the doggies were mine, I borrowed them from friends for the photo. I'll PM you about astrology otherwise I might clog up your visitor messages screen with my ramblings on the subject!. Oh yew is a good choice. I am always drawn towards Oak and Hawthorn in this country but have a huge soft spot for the giant sequioias in America too. I've added a link onto the photo you liked with info on the artist/s. :hippy:
  • Beautiful You!
  • Hello :) No, not one of my artworks sadly, though I wish I could say it was! I shall have to google the artist you mentioned. I am quite artistic though, I did an arts degree many moons ago, and I love to dabble every now and then. My latest artistic offerings have been a Miffy (the Rabbit) canvas and a Russian Doll that I painted for the twins husband teases me that they will give the girls nightmares, but I think they like them! :D
  • He has eaten his food, so im presuming he is being an antisocial kitty, not so worried now... :)
  • weve had numerous trolls/idiots posting silly things about on here and on peoples visitors messages, so the moderators are moderating peoples profiles.just to make sure people dont post rubbish on it.:) you can moderate it yourself if you tick the little box on the profile message then go down to the bottom left hand corner of your proflie and click approve message on the options that it gives you:waves:
  • hi how are you today? :waves: are you still having problems with the moderated messages?
  • Hehe, thanks. I got to see them in Bristol last summer when they played Colston Hall. Such an amazing and energetic performance!
  • What does moderated mean? :insane: I have it highlighted on my page and dunno how to get rid of it, it says Your notification: 'Profile visitor messages awaiting approval'?
  • Ah, good! :D . Great to hear that Lily is back to running around again? must be so relieved. I have listened to some of the tunes, quite liked it! Holly & Emily are good thanks, Emily tried saying "hello" earlier, so that was very exciting, she's only 5 months, bless her! I'm feeling very proud of them both today. Just put them both up for a sleep, so now chilling for a bit with a nice cup of tea and a chocci flapjack:D. Have a lovely weekend :):waves:
  • Hiya isla :waves: Lil seems fine though she was licking it alot a few days back but I think her claws slowly growing back now, but she's running round like a nutter now :D Hows u ruby and the twins? Have u listened to the music yet, sometimes these sort of bands can take time to grow on u. I've just finished updating my blog and need feedback and suggestion for a new title on the top painting so I'm open to theories:whistle:
    Take care :waves:
  • Hi, how is Lily and her foot? :)
  • hi i thought i would drop by and say hello :)
  • Thanks Fleure, Blod hasnt got back to me with your email address yet have you got mine?
  • Hello fleure, got your message, forgot i was already registered on her until after i made a new account, could reply through private message coz haven't done any posts yet. but i will reply i have asked blod for your email address has i can't find it. so speak to you soon xx Oracle xx
  • Thanks for sharing your you tube video........
  • Hello :D We've been here about 5 years now. I do miss the diversity of the City, but there's something quite amazing about the hills and mountains. It's been quite a novelty having a Castle on our doorstep. Thats my favourite thing about living here I think :). Hope your move goes well. Peace, Misty xx
  • Hello Neptunian, thought I'd call in to say hello as you looked so friendly and smiley in the picture you posted.:) I was intrugued as I could see the dark storm clouds and Welshy moutains/hills in the background- I am living in Wales at the moment, Caerphilly, where abouts are you? MistyMaya x
  • Am I the only person who leaves you messages ?
  • happy birthday !