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  • NF, what exactly is a djembe? Is it a box drum that you sit upon? If so I am interested. Keep on truckin with Toby n Suzy Trux.
  • hi hun
    was wondering if the red daisy jumper would fit a size 16
    hugs sensi
  • Hi, cold has gone now, quite a nasty bug that was. It wasn't me that was rowing at xmas it was my mum & brother, quite upsetting actually and I've been feeling a bit depressed since. I'm better now though and quite frankly I'm glad all that xmas & new year bullshit is over lol. Yeah I've seen the first series of Idiot Abroad, haven't seen series 2 yet, Karl Pilkington is funny even if it is an act mostly. Happy new year btw, hope you have a great 2012... :)
  • Thanks cracking christmas to you too :P Been a bit of a weird day here, narrowly avoided a big family row lol. Dinner was a nutroast. I was still feeling ill yesterday so wasn't expecting to feel very merry today but I just about made it through the day. Sorry to hear you were feeling blue and low, have a big virtual ((hug)). Did you get anything for xmas? I got the complete harry potter collection bluray which was cool. My next video request is..

    One of my favourite movie scenes, perhaps you could do a female interpretation :)
  • Hiya McFleurie, finally came down with the flu/cold bug, been in bed most of the time the last few days, gave me the opportunity to catch up on lots of TV and movies though. Yeah you did well learning those lines so quickly as you'd never seen lotr before, you always have me as your attentive audience for what that's worth :D Yeah sorry my mistake it's april not feb you got uranus. Dunno what 2012 will bring either but I guess it depends somewhat on what we bring to 2012. Change can be scary but I'm learning to live with it more, after all, change is the only real constant.
  • Talking of astro phases you have uranus coming up in Feb so you might start feeling restless. Yes emotions and states are transitory but some things seem to stick with you no matter how hard you try to fight it.

    Here's my drama request, Galadriel :D
  • Hi Fleure, yeah I'm still keeping the cold germs at bay :) glad you had a great day with the wols! I might have to watch that movie legend of the guardians again hehe. Yes I'm pretty much a hermit, although strangely I don't identify as that, I just like pottering around the house quietly and I'm not afraid of my own company. But it's like you said in your last email before we stopped talking, there's a bit of grief in coming to terms with the fact you're not a social entity - like I watched your singing and drama vids and I can tell you'd really like to be doing that, but maybe we just need to accept we don't need other people to validate our creativity or expression.
  • Hiya yeah it is cold but I'm really hot atm because the heating is on full blast. I don't have the luxury of anyone depending on me to drag me out of the house, in fact i mostly struggle to find a reason. It did snow here this morning briefly, I see snow is on its way to you tonight though, hope you get to see the owls (how cool) I love owls. Anyway have a great day whatever ok?
  • Still fighting off my cold it hasn't got the better of me yet hehe. I do normally take vit c or at least a multi vit plus I have some goldenseal can't stand the smell of it though haha. It's funny because I always remember hugh laurie from his blackadder days, I loved his comedy with stephen fry "A bit of fry and laurie" did you ever see it? What you doing for your birthday anything special? Just finally got around to putting the xmas tree up, it's always much more work than you think.
  • Hey Fleure. I don't think a pyrex dish would work tbh. I would make you a cake for your birthday but it would probably arrive a squidgy mess if I posted it to ya lol. Do you not use sugar ever then? I think if you're going to make a cake/pudding you gotta have some sugar or what's the point. I don't have any crystals, I'd like to get some just even for decoration. Yeah that Magic Trip film was really good I love documentaries from the sixties I used to watch loads when i was a teenager wishing I'd been born then instead (well not born then but alive then). Yeah you do really need wireless internet for the ipad but you don't have to, but you wouldn't be able to get the most from it.. anyway yeah you can loads of stuff on them, a better buy would be an android tablet coz they're cheaper but basically are the same.
  • I'll send that cake recipe, it's not very complex, I like cooking as long as it's not too complicated or time consuming. That's cool you're feeling creative again I'm feeling alot more positive about things too although I think I might be coming down with a cold noooooo. I saw your new vids you have so many crystals/gem stones! how many have you got now?
  • Hiya, No I haven't seen House, I do like Hugh Laurie though, its just one of the shows I haven't got around to watching. Are you still watching Dexter? There's a new series on now. I watched the new Woody Allen movie "Midnight in Paris" which I thought was really good. Don't know much about drumkits I'm afraid, I know about drum machines but that's probably not very helpful lol. Yeah I did close my youtube account fancied a fresh start. I did see your crystal vids though, very good :) Was really windy here on the south downs yesterday too. Btw, it's funny you mentioned chocolate cake, made an awesome gluten free chocolate sponge with marshmallow cream filling for my birthday. It's your birthday soon isn't it? Hope you have a great day... :)
  • It's just like a big iphone :P an expensive toy, bit of a waste of money really, although it is handy for browsing the web in bed hehe. Recommend any Alan Watts books? I'm gonna put one on my xmas list :) Staying grounded and having perspective are important for me too but you're right it is hard.. maybe that's just living in the modern world I dunno.. we're all so disconnected.
  • Hi Fleure, not bad thanks, just came to the end of all my Pluto transits so I feel a little like my mind / ego has been put through a cheese grater, but apart from that basically ok! How was your year (so far)?
  • :)Hiya - I wish the doggies were mine, I borrowed them from friends for the photo. I'll PM you about astrology otherwise I might clog up your visitor messages screen with my ramblings on the subject!. Oh yew is a good choice. I am always drawn towards Oak and Hawthorn in this country but have a huge soft spot for the giant sequioias in America too. I've added a link onto the photo you liked with info on the artist/s. :hippy:
  • Beautiful You!
  • Hello :) No, not one of my artworks sadly, though I wish I could say it was! I shall have to google the artist you mentioned. I am quite artistic though, I did an arts degree many moons ago, and I love to dabble every now and then. My latest artistic offerings have been a Miffy (the Rabbit) canvas and a Russian Doll that I painted for the twins husband teases me that they will give the girls nightmares, but I think they like them! :D
  • He has eaten his food, so im presuming he is being an antisocial kitty, not so worried now... :)
  • weve had numerous trolls/idiots posting silly things about on here and on peoples visitors messages, so the moderators are moderating peoples profiles.just to make sure people dont post rubbish on it.:) you can moderate it yourself if you tick the little box on the profile message then go down to the bottom left hand corner of your proflie and click approve message on the options that it gives you:waves:
  • hi how are you today? :waves: are you still having problems with the moderated messages?
  • Hehe, thanks. I got to see them in Bristol last summer when they played Colston Hall. Such an amazing and energetic performance!
  • What does moderated mean? :insane: I have it highlighted on my page and dunno how to get rid of it, it says Your notification: 'Profile visitor messages awaiting approval'?
  • Ah, good! :D . Great to hear that Lily is back to running around again? must be so relieved. I have listened to some of the tunes, quite liked it! Holly & Emily are good thanks, Emily tried saying "hello" earlier, so that was very exciting, she's only 5 months, bless her! I'm feeling very proud of them both today. Just put them both up for a sleep, so now chilling for a bit with a nice cup of tea and a chocci flapjack:D. Have a lovely weekend :):waves:
  • Hiya isla :waves: Lil seems fine though she was licking it alot a few days back but I think her claws slowly growing back now, but she's running round like a nutter now :D Hows u ruby and the twins? Have u listened to the music yet, sometimes these sort of bands can take time to grow on u. I've just finished updating my blog and need feedback and suggestion for a new title on the top painting so I'm open to theories:whistle:
    Take care :waves:
  • Hi, how is Lily and her foot? :)
  • hi i thought i would drop by and say hello :)
  • Thanks Fleure, Blod hasnt got back to me with your email address yet have you got mine?
  • Hello fleure, got your message, forgot i was already registered on her until after i made a new account, could reply through private message coz haven't done any posts yet. but i will reply i have asked blod for your email address has i can't find it. so speak to you soon xx Oracle xx
  • Thanks for sharing your you tube video........
  • Hello :D We've been here about 5 years now. I do miss the diversity of the City, but there's something quite amazing about the hills and mountains. It's been quite a novelty having a Castle on our doorstep. Thats my favourite thing about living here I think :). Hope your move goes well. Peace, Misty xx