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  • :hippy:morning flower! :sunflower:hug::sunflowerhave a peaceful one!:lee:xxx
  • Of course I'll be your friend, stuckinthesky. Already signed up for so much
  • Hello Sir-hope all is well-will you be my friend?
  • Hello stuck in the sky. Thank you for the comment :) I am sure I will be just fine, but it's the prospect of doing it which is daunting. Hope you are well.

    B x
  • Hi, how r things? Have u left Oz and met up with your lady?...:)
  • Hello stuck in the sky.:) How are things down under?... or should I say "hows it going" as the aussies like to say. just thought I'd see how you're feeling now? Hope things are going a bit better for you anyway. Maya x :xmerry:
  • Hey you, good to see that your ok, i really hope your having the time of your life honey. love lulu x
  • Hey you, here's a goodbye from me, remember, that i am always here should you ever feel you needed me, all my love my friend, safe journey love lulu xxxxxx
  • Hi, Stuck in the Sky!
    Why are you anxious?
    x Shosh x
  • Hey you just checking you about. hope your ok
  • Ok cyber mum here, where the fook are you, lol Hope your ok babes.XXXX
  • Hi babes how you doing!!!! just wanted to let you know that I'm still thinking of you lov light and peace xxxxXxxxx
  • Where are you, am worried now, come out to play with us, i miss you......let me know your ok.
  • Hello sweetheart how you doing today, i got your pm but was a bit annoyed with my family see hippy 101 and this is the first chance i have had to get back to you, stop beating yoourself up, you are doing all the right things and your feelings are totally normal, in abnormal circumstances, you rock, you just don't know it yet love peaca and light to you babes lulu xxxxxXxxxxx
  • Hi, haven't seen you in here today, am hoping that you are ok, lots of love lulu xxxxxxx
  • Hey you how you doing, want you to know i am still here if you need anyone. Read your posts, you shouldn't beat yourself up so much, it seems to me that you are doing your best and you really can't ask more of yourself than that. lots of love lulu x
  • Hi, hopr your ok today and that it went well at the doctors today. Been thinking of you much lve lulu xxxx