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  • On May 6th....[URL=""][IMG][/IMG][/URL]
  • :hippy:Morning hun - sorry I haven't been about - not been too well these past few days but a lot better now. Looks like another rainy one here - typical when I've got the urge to work in garden but still.... hope the sun's shining where you are:sunsmile:
  • :hippy:Good morning lovely - bit grey here today but I'm gonna be hiding out at work getting creative so hopefully I won't notice it too much. Hope the sun's shining where you are ~x~:D
  • :hippy:morning flower! :hug::sunflower:sunflower have a beautiful day! :redsun:
  • hello from another j martyn and drake fan :D
  • Yes! I am from Leicester and yes, you would have seen my cycling this morning past DMU at around 7:45... yellow hi viz jacket, and helmet... I am not easy to miss :)

    I shall keep an eye out for you next time!

    i live in Countesthorpe - just south of the city.

    I had seen from various posts that you were around here somewhere... the east midlands at least.

    where are you from? do you live around narborough rd area???
  • Hi ... Are you from Leicester? The reason I ask is because I swear I saw you cycling up near De Montfort University today! :)
  • No, sadly not. a few words and phases!

    I copied "Gott Nytt År" from a mail from my mate Andreas in Malmo :)

    I speak german and can make sense of bits of germanic languages - especially when written.
  • :eek:Kan du verkligen prata Svenska?
  • Happy New Year!!!!!
  • C'mon you're letting the rest of us hippies down....we want bright, in your face tie-dye colours in your profile, and lots of them:D:thumbup: