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  • Hey lovely!!
    I'm good thanks! Have been very busy with my 30th birthday, clearing my jungle of a garden and I'm having some stalker-ish trouble with my ex but nothing that's gonna get me down! I've been enjoying the single life!! All is great :)
    How are you?? What have you been up to?? xxx
  • :waves:
  • Excellent hair
  • Ahh it's ok, I'm kind of the same - I hate the thought of upsettng people too and I also find it hard when you come across those people who aren't afraid of upsetting people!!!

    Apart from that, I hope you're having a nice day!!!! x
  • Have posted a reply, but just wanted to say sorry - please don't feel bad - it's all ok!!! So smile :)
    Lauren x
  • Hi, how u doin?
  • Hi ya - just wanted to say thank you again for my lovely gift - the kids loved the chocolate, I adore my scarf and my bath crystals are divine! Thank you oce again and I hope youhad a great Christmas xxx
  • Hullo, I have been good thank you! How are your studies with the O.U going? I would love to work in a library, sounds so ...blissful.
    Just to let you know I am putting some clothes up for sale or swaps or whatever on here again soon. One is a paisley skirt that I think you will like it is too big for me (I have NO hips) it is a size ten! xx
  • How are you , beautiful girl!?
  • morning flower! have a lovely weekend.....and a tune...
    [ame=""]YouTube- Wailin' Jennys - Arlington[/ame]
  • Hi,

    Please dont think I'm weird (although I probably am a bit for doing this but here goes). Here I am sitting at work looking through this forum when I should be doing something else...anyway, Ms. Vee, I noticed on the "where are you from" thread that you live in Telford and it just so happens, that is exactly what I was looking for. I have just joined this forum with the sole intent of writing this to you.

    I too am from Telford and I dont know anyone with the same interests as me. I enjoy walking up the Wrekin looking for wild mushrooms, dancing about to celtic folk music and generally relaxing in my shed with the wood burner.

    Now, I wouldn't dream of asking to come round your house for a cuppa - that could maybe come later...BUT, would you or one of your mates be able to recommend somewhere to go and meet likeminded people around here? A pub or club or event or ANYTHING that would get me a foot in?

    Many thanks in advance and alpologies for cloggin up your private space with my ranting.

    Pent x x x
  • done and done. but i am scared! help. x
  • hello there, just noticed you live in shropshire im originally from priorslee.might be moving back that way soon
  • i live in St Georges :) at the moment I'm finding it really hard being away from my family and friends, especially with my depression and having to get poked with needles at the hospital! it's bloody scary! it would be ace to meet up, you're welcome to come and visit, unfortunately I haven't passed my driving test yet (august 28th is the date i have it so hopefully fingers crossed i will pass then!) :hug: xxx
  • [IMG][/IMG]

    hello honey, it would be lovely to meet you and have a brew or summat :) xxxx
  • Good morning ! hope you're enjoying the worms ;)
  • Hehe thanks! Have you had a nice week?! xxx
  • hi there ms. vee x hows you doing? x
  • [IMG][/IMG]
    Found the above pic again in my old private messages.
    No harm in re-posting i hope :D
  • hope you both had a good christmas
  • Thank you for your prezzie..especially the sock monkey...which is amazing :D xx
  • You're very welcome!
    Have a great xmas and new year too!
  • oooh your hair is gorgeous. xx
  • Liking it.....I'm feeling calmer here, than on my own profile :)
  • Nice, mellow yet colourful profile, that's what I like to see :) Hehe I like your new avatar too :D
  • I like it Its peacefull and serene.
  • nah, not too suagry and girly, the blue and purples even it out :D

    viva la revolution!
  • ooh yes, jolly nice!
  • Tasteful. :)