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  • Thanks chick for your helpful info and support on West Wales. It sounds pretty good for us over there around Cardi...I tend to suss out a place by how decent the health shop is and noticeboards. My sis recommended St Dog's which looks sweet.
  • thanks for the invite,we're not far ,3 miles from ammanford on top of betws well worth having a look at something established before we having a go ourselfes...
    love&peace horst
  • thanks hunny just arrived really appreciate it keep yer eyes peeled for pics of tordisa on the scooter
  • Please vote for me today x
  • thanku thanku thanku x
  • ooh hello! :hug:
  • hello lovely

    am drowning in paperwork and a head swimming with business plans and taster sessions and I'd love to head to the hills instead!

    enjoy your holiday x x
  • Hi, thanks for he welcome. Still trying to figure my way around this site.
  • hi
    was wondering if you play with Helen Hatt?
    did i play with your Gyro at ACE festival in Pembs several years ago?
    if so got some nice pics
  • Thanks for that,all's well with us, we're closing the shop in thame, it's just not working, but that'll give us more time for festivals, so Dylan is getting a bit of work to his engine to try and slow his incontinence(oil, water and brake fluid!!!)and we're looking at larger market stalls,so its all good.Hope all is well with you,
    Love to you both,
  • Ay up me duck, how's things?
    Wondering if you could help me.A friend of mine by the name of Carrot died recently(hey ho).He was one of the brew crew and would sometimes tell of how he had recorded with the Levellers when they were in Brighton.
    We're putting a cd of his work together to sell for Charidee (he was a mean gob iron player, an officianado of the blues thru' and thru', he lived the life).
    Do you have any way of contacting them to find out if such a recording exsists?
    Me and Carrot go back a long way, I'd like to do this.
    Thanks for your help.
    Matt xx
  • thank you both xxxxxx
  • Hey honey - just tryin to find out if colours is ok... she was thinkin bout goin up north n i been tryin to get hold of her today to see if she is ok but not havin any luck.. any chance, if u got julian's number, u cud possibly give him a poke and get her to let us know she is ok please... i am probably just being completely neurotic but what with this nasty weather and the fact she not answering her phone and vicky ain't been able to get hold of her a bit worried.... cheers hun xxxx
  • ello ello :D :hug:
  • hey lovley how you doin :) was chattin to helen yest on facebook am gonna try and get to the party if I get a lift from someone, really wanna see everyone!!! also I put you down on a refernce for a job I went for recently as they needed someone who has seen me around children I really hope you dont mind I meant to ask you but it ended up all a bit of a rush! anyway hopefully see you soon vxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    ps I am a demon sock knitter now!!!
  • Hi GyroLady! Yep, will do. Whereabouts are you in Cwmpencraig? Having a few issues with the electrics at the moment - wipers coming on on their own & full beam stuck on!
  • morning! how you doing? :hug:
  • Ooooh hello !! XXX
  • hello hello from another lesbian in wales :D

    sam x
  • It was a little hectic at Bearded Theory but good despite. Good people alsways helps. Phone jibble at some point soon would be good, but in fairly anti-social, but not unfriendly mood right now, so going to stop apart from sending hugs and love, xxxxx
  • hehe, just happened to notice you stop by! still in glasgow, probably will be for a while. hope the rest of the season is not quite as dramatic as bearded theory! hows everything going?
  • Were you watching the door then? How you doing?
  • hey :waves: :hug:
  • hey, hows you? :hug:
  • am gutted i can't make it up at the moment

    so wanted to see you all without a party or work to be done

    will ring and make sure I'm really booked in for the festis and look forward to seeing you sooner or later

    gotta be responsibubble and focus on my coursework and parent/dog duties for a bit.

    then can come to work/play with a clear conscience x x x
  • oooh!!! exciting! gary is so lovley, bet it so cool having a new project like that! hope the snow not too bad there, I moved to cornwall! I love it big big hugs to everyone Vxxxxxx
  • New home is going well. Stripped out and ready to start putting stuff back in. Bikebodger came to do it. He's supposed to be putting some photos up for it.
    Hope you well,
    Big hugs
  • :waves:ello! hows the new home?hope all good with you big hugs Vxx
  • :hug:just thought I'd send a hug your way

    shame I can't make your official birthday, but am hoping to get up to the farm in feb half term
  • love your gorgeous van!