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  • Hi There, I'm from Nottingham too.:D
  • love your new Avatar ~
  • [FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=3]Holy Buddha! What an unthinking, reckless fool I be! You've posted 6,607 times! I think I'll keep an eye open for your future posts instead as I stumble about in this forum.
    Peace & friendship,
  • [FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=3]Many thanks for for your kind words; I always have the sensation of the tumbleweed blowing across the street when I post especially the political ones. Although you must admit I do sound a bit self-righteous and pompous at times. You've got similar profile colours to mine. It's time for dinner; we eat late here and then I'll take a look at some of your posts.
  • just to remind you that you wanted to light a candle at 7pm tonight for lost babies. have sort of bumped the thread.
  • I saw this and thought you might enjoy it. It was a trip down memory lane for me....


    My nana used to live on Whittington Street in Allenton. I never realised Littleover was posh!! :eek:
  • Yay we are buds... You make me laugh!!

  • how do you add friends. i want to add you :)
  • oooh i like these colours honey - reminds me of my old bedroom up in stoke actually :) xxx
  • This used to be my bedroom colours just painted my bedroom cream so it makes up for what im missing!
  • Methinks your page is nice.
  • yay pink and purple!
  • lol thanks just did it quick cause i wanted to see how it worked!
  • I'm liking your choice of profile colours.....I've gone a bit mad with the shocking pink.....wot fun :D