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  • Hi beautiful :)

    I got your card! Thank you. I will get making as soon as I am well and have some time xx
  • "[B]Sending Love Vibes"[/B]
  • :waves:Hiya've been very quiet recently...are you ok? Trevstock is only days away, are you still going and if so what day are you planning to arrive, I hope you can make it...I'm looking forward to meeting you.:thumbup:
  • thankyou, and hope all's good your way too

    very busy, trying to shoehorn a life in before thew school hols x x
  • [url][/url]

    Check this out, might be something there for you guys, am goiing to get a couple of bits myself, once I shake off this fooking flu. There is a Neto by me, never been in there but if you see something holler and I'll get it, saw the show and some of it looked really good stuff
  • Bunnies...silly LION BUNNIES means there are tough.
  • I think you might like this site lol

  • just got to finish faffing it about and post by 5.30 today . . . :)
  • oh fank ou, c eyes god out spooling n nouce-e-a-tions
  • Heya :)

    I'm not often on msn because I struggle to keep up while keeping an eye on Izzy... logging in now though xx
  • It's ok.....had better & worse. Having my lunch atm. A GF chilli & vegetable pie with salad. Yum! How you doing?
  • She was doing ok when I left her this morning, am not going up tonight as b/friend is staying with her to give me a break, plus they need some time alone, he needs to wake up now and see how it really is for her at times, although to be fair, he's been there a fair bit, but I think it has shaken him a bit, perhaps now he'll stop stressing her for time to time and grow up a bit. Not that he's all bad, but then you know that. But I did speak to her awhile ago and she says she is ok and has managed to eat again today. She just needs to gain some strength and weight back, won't be long now and she will be home.
  • hiya hunny
    yeah it takes us quite a while too get lee settled last night i was on line at 2am lol
    im ok
    hows you hunny
    and sonny
    hope you are both well
    love you loads sensi
    off too bed in a min
  • [url][/url]

    Saw this thought of you 2, in Italian, but you'll get it, look out for the boob beer holder and the bare bum, some hw they don't fit in with the rest of it lol.
  • x x x x x x x x x x x
  • I will do, the cash my Dad gave me should last me a few weeks if i'm careful, i'm looking for a part-time job, about 10hours a week to help me cover costs when it runs out. Sometimes theres a lunchtime supervisors vacancy that comes up in one of the school in my area so fingers crossed i'll get one of those if it comes up.
  • Yeah, they're both and they're low G.I too so no fear of ruining any low fat diet either. I'm getting some business cards and flyers done for the weekend (hopefully) and Jo suggested i try the farmers markets too. I know it'll come together but i'm seriously under funded and its giving me abit of headache.
  • Thanks Danni, its good to know that so many of my friends are supporting me.
  • Hi Missus. :)Thanks, I found it at.....

  • Thanks Danni, thats exactly what my dad said, he's giving me some cash to continue my market stall and he's having some business cards and flyers made for me too, bless him.
  • Hee!

    It's not something I'm doing, really... you know when sometimes something happens that contradicts the relationship you thought you had with a person? That seems to be happening with quite a few people recently, and I guess I am wondering why.

    SAh well... sleep will probably help! *looks meaningfully in Izzy's direction* ;)
  • I'm OK... just feeling a bit unsettled. I'm having a mini crisis-of-confidence, I think.
  • love your new avatar btw

    can't reply to your pm at the mo, ro just home and trying to salvage my thoughts from a crashed computer :(
  • Read the blog please
  • Hi Dani:)...I'm feeling very tense, today (hormonally)...a feeling like my head wants to explode with so much frustration with everything. I'm going out with a mate tonight, to a Motown concert at De Montfort Hall in Leicester. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm also extremely tired. Looks like it will be a late one, too. I won't be able to get up in the morning :D
    How are you today? I've been meaning to ask how the vdub is coming along?
  • Just yet more stress about Mr. Mousey's course... hopefully resolving itself, though.

    *I* deserve a bloody qualification at the end of it!!
  • I got it, but it will take ages to sort thro' and i have to go out.
    Will catch you later. La x
  • :)

    Well, that her first proper utterance but whether or not she is using it as a word remains to be seen... it's exciting, either way :) she really is growing up fast... you'll have to get a cuddle with her soon or you'll have to chase her round the room :P
  • you started it hahahahaha, you should fight with the bigger ones.