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  • where`ve you gone?
  • HEY hello!! i cant access msn here in mitchell library (glaSGOW) what you up to till 11pm? be nice to pass time with you till i see if i can get on this bus then.. if not i will have to walk up to jimmy's sore feet already... i have just under 30mins left on this library internet session, xxxx
  • Hello you:) i have been lost in a book...its made me cry with laughter!
    good choice matey...:)
  • Massaging can be done sitting up, things like shoulder and back are perfectly possible this way. However, doing things like thighs this way can be difficult, although not impossible.
  • Last year was kinda a bit shit...i kinda fell on my knee and then on my shoulder...i dont like pain. Do u know anything about massaging? Do massagers do massages sitting up coz i cant lie face down?
  • How are you doing? Been a long time :)