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    My Name is Miss Binta
    i saw your Profile at [url][/url] and i will like us to established a relationship, Please kindly contact me with this email address [email][/email] for more introduction.
    Yours new found friend,
    Miss Binta.
  • Hiya Andrew. Good to meet you and, Yes, I am involved in the project. We are always up for some one coming out to play over the summer (and winter!). Quite a few bods on here have been out with us over the years and we would love to chat more with you and get to know you a bit more.
    Either we can chat more by PM or the phone number at the farm is 01559 371364 (or 0845 345 3352 if a local rate number helps you).
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
  • thanks! and you too could own one if your good and save up, OR like me you blow all the money you have on one - oh well i really like beans on toast! and who needs money anyway lol!
  • That's okay :) a lot of nosey people about. Hiya :)
  • Popped by my page and not even a hello? :)