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  • Cool. Maybe drop me a message if you make it..... ?
  • London.

    Next month? Will you be attending the solstice?
  • Ah thank you sir!

    One more if I may: Your profile says you're in Spain. Was I wrong to remember you being in Brighton during the pspo thread? Hope I'm not being nosy. I often pass through Brighton (and hope to live in Spain one day).
  • Nice posts coming from you, sir, particularly the one in the 'Communal Living' thread. But you sounded like an admin. Is this the case?
  • Hiya Chazz hope you is chilled out and appy wi life :hippy:
  • Im a new member I dont know what the proceedure is in the event of a dispute between a moderator & a member. Does a third party act as arbitor/ Is there a complaints proceedure? If you've got a telephone number I could ring you to see if we could sort this out.
  • my family just returned from spain,they lived in girona,i am enjoying the avatar-Angio;)
  • the beautiful horses place....:)
  • thanks chazz means a lot hope all is well with you and yours x x x take care x x
  • peace and love to u love your sign:thumbup:
  • hey was that sarky, ok i guess it was a bit cliche and dour. thnks for the reply mate have a good day :thumbup:
  • Thanks x
  • Pleeeeeeeease don't remind me! LOL. I was moaning about not being able to go to the Reggae festival just the other day :( I went to the feria last year it was FAB. The kids loved it too, it's so much better than any fair here!
  • [IMG][/IMG]

    hope all is good with you
  • Thanks chazz
    Hope all is well with you and yours take care
    Love sensi
  • [SIZE=4][COLOR=magenta]Vote for me - please xxxx[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  • [URL=""][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

    ....on May 6th!!!!
  • Glasto... I don't even know when that is, this year. I'm doing Big Session, but had no plans to do any others.

    C'mon Chazz, I need an 'alternativey' middle name incase the bairn is a boy... To go inbetween Dylan and the surname Smith... Suggestions on a postcard...

  • Sweet :) So, when is your next visit to England? I need a huge hippy Chazz cuddle from you one day. Only so I can leech your soul from you, of course...

    I'm off out for a walk, methinks.

    :) yay for you
  • Don't see nearly enough of you these days, Sir Chazz! :hug:
  • hi there like the 3 pictures im looking for somwhere to visit down south wish i new where to head for insearchofspace
  • all the best chazz for 2010 hope its a top year for you and yours
  • :waves: [B][COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Impact][SIZE=5]GOOD MORNING[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][/B]:hug:[B][COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Impact][SIZE=5][COLOR=Red]
    [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][/B][COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Impact][SIZE=5][COLOR=Red][SIZE=2]if you are feeling a bit like this [/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]:badmood:[FONT=Impact][SIZE=2][COLOR=Red] then
    [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] :) :D :)
    [FONT=Impact][SIZE=2][COLOR=Red]and you will soon feel like this[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]:sunsmile: :bounce:
  • Hey! I'm new to the site and came across your profile! How are you?

    Wednesday x
  • Hi there,
    Thanks for that wonderful news I have applied for a stewards job at the BGF and I will see what the universe to show me the way there. I could not afford paying as I am disabled and in the process of being able to walk well out of my wheel chair so money is very short. I am starting to find contact with some of my old friends and look forward to meeting you as well some day.
    May the creative's blessings be with you in peace
  • [SIZE=4][COLOR=Pink][FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]good morning[/B][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=Pink]:hug::sunsmile:[/COLOR][COLOR=Pink][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2][B]not only is the sun shining but the birds are giving it wellie too[/B][/SIZE][/FONT]:music::music:[/COLOR][SIZE=2][COLOR=Pink][B][FONT=Comic Sans MS] have a beautiful day[/FONT][/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=Pink]:hippylove[B][SIZE=2][FONT=Comic Sans MS]xxx[/FONT][/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
  • Oh wow :) I started playing 6 string when I was 14 or 15, that's around 13 years, and I'm still shit. Never had lessons andamnot good at self-tutoring. I get hold of tabs and flick through my chord book and play badly that way. Bass, now I can pick a bass, very.. very... very slowly, but it's an achievement as I can't pick a 6-string at all :)

    Marshall cabinet, eh. My mum's got a classical, i think, which came from Spain - my grandad went over specially to get it. Lucky her :D

  • That's a nice thing to say that you are hoping :)

    Have had a lie down with a slushy crap romance, am looking for 6-string tabs now.

    Do you play? I prefer the bass but am even shitter at 4 string...
  • Wow, I hope you have fun. I won't be there, I know there's a lot happening next month. If it wasn't short I'd say 'look us up' - there will be times.
  • Yer alive and well? Hugs from the UK...