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  • if you're coming into lancs going towards heysham, it's on the road uphill of the 2nd bridge you hit before it gets all townified. it's just past the estate and the houses that back onto the canal. spose it would help if i knew the road name, but i couldn't tell you off the top of my head. (will find out tmorra) But yeah, the gregson does loads of folk music and bands and hippy type stuff. tis a lovely place :)
    where are you at?
  • Good to see you back Phil
    Hows all with you recently?
    I am good lots of evil weekend shifts at work which is depressing, but looking forward to summer.
  • just heard you on my space love it! sounds like you are living my dream on a canal boat thats my plan in a couple of years time.
  • Where are you Phil?
  • Sorry Phil

    But someone had to do it!
  • Ha!!!

    Wall Virgin no more!