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  • Hia Julian, I heard from your other half that you make woodburners. How much are you selling them for on average? We're looking to spend around £100 if possible.
  • [IMG]http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-q6gFI9rsG8U/TiHvFXH13kI/AAAAAAAABOg/D8dXIsYNWmQ/s1600/Funny%252Bsmiley%252Bfaces%252Bcartoon%252B2.jpg[/IMG]hello there
  • Just saw you are on line, hope your feeling better xxx
  • If you have artery damage, this as I understand it is caused by consuming trans fat found in margarine. You can reverse the damage by eating oily fish..I am not that familiar with what fish are classified as oily in the UK although wild salmon is one.My sister tells me you can get barramundi these days in the UK. Nile perch is called in Australia "poor man's barramundi". I agree what you say about eating too much meat.This is something Americans do. Eating a bit of fruit is fine but I think it is a bit over rated , although if you get gout like I do sour cherries are good.. I generally avoid fruit juice other than a bit of grapefruit or orange juice as most others have far too much fructose.
  • Hi Julian,

    A couple of links you might like to read in relation to butter.



    These links can be found on this page.,

  • I have lots of friends over there who Fergis , we might be going over for a few weeks this year , :)
  • Yes mate i have used originals and made a copy , , my site had over 600,000 visitors last year from all over the world , seems i do more of these things than anyone else , its all very strange :)
  • Hello mate , yes i know what you mean though people are starting to drag the old implements out of the firlds and have them restored , i did an old Ferguson low volume sparyed not so long back then found out it was a prototype , which they never got working right and i did now its the only one of its type ha ha ha and my name is on it on a little brass plate :D its quite cool
  • some of um , yes its my website , i do Ferguson Tractors , I build about 40 engines a year and restore everything from z120s to TEFs and industrials + imps,
  • did ya have a look at that website ? :D have ya figured out why i was laughing ? :)
  • like 1260engineer.com :D
  • is there any good websites i need to know more :)
  • What Fergusons too .............. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha:rofl:
  • Ha ha ha ha your misses says your tractor boy :D ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
  • I'll drop her a message and tell her she's missed!
  • see i don't do farcebook....but I do miss Jo!
  • I didn't realise how much I missed everyone....Nutty Jo isn't around much tho.....
  • Morning flower! Hope all is good with you! Hugs to you all.... xxx
  • *massive beaming grin*
  • Hello :)

    Just wanted to say hello, would really sound better if I could think of something vuagely interesting to add to it, but never mind!
  • I've started to pay to have a custom built around a K100 engine - i know - but it just had to happen

  • Peter starts at brighton in a couple of weeks -n scary stuff aint it? i feel REALLY old.

    hope the boys have a grand time.

  • I had a shower at 6 this morning, before I drove to work, rather than a strip wash in the loos once I got here - no brainer really.

    How's tricks? All good in sunny Rugby?

    Respects to all - as ever.

  • [COLOR=#00ff00][SIZE=7]MORNING!!

  • hi
    my you are busy lol
    steve says he will try and sort it if not he will get hold of you when you get back
    have fun
    the stove genny thingy is way cool by the way
    hugs and love to all sensi
  • hiya hunny just wondering if you managed to sort the thingys for the trellis arch

    Hope all is good in sunny Rugby

  • Hi Julian,hope all is well.I will hopefully meet up with you at Leamington at the weekend,I may have some info of interest to you :whistle:
  • good afternoon flower! hope you are having a lovely day....hugs to you , vik and everyone! xxx
  • hey there! how's the new house? are you all settled in??? hugs to you all xxx