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  • Hi Jo...I had a very worrying Facebook message from you and I don't know if its you or not me 07871 219752 x x x hope you are ok
  • I' m here :)
  • hello missus! on line again! woo hoo!!!! xxx
  • Sending you peace and joy for Christmas xxx
  • Ok. cool. :) I'm going to try some of the spelt lasagna sheets as I love spelt spaghetti. :)
  • Ahoy hoy Jo.

    I spotted GF "Rice Pasta Lasagna Sheets" in Whole Foods in London today. The also have Spelt Pasta ones but I'm not sure if they're GF or not. I can pick some up for you and stick them in the post if you'd like. :)
  • Hiya Jo,
    Of course I dont mind, in fact I was quite flattered to see that you had :), iy was agreat day out, and it feels so good to be out n about with wonderful people again. You take care and hopefully see you again soon. xx
  • Kali spera, Bee! Brilliant news...what part of London? Will you be able to come to the Rollright stones gathering next Sunday (August 14th) or are you still without transport? It'll be 2 years since the last time we were there!!
  • kali mera naughty jo!

    looks like we found a flat in london.....looking good¬ will take a while to do the paper work so we'll be here till Oct. Hope all is good with you. xxx
  • moving to london!!!!
  • hello flower; what's good with you? xxx

    ps about to start packing!!!!! woohoo!!!!!
  • hello flower! what's good with you? xxx
  • oi you!!!! xxx
  • morning flower! got your text - i didn't tell you to expect the postie as the surprise element is part of the fun. we hav a deli quite locally which has fabulous free from goodies. they have an interesting selection of gluten free fours for bread so if i can make leamington in june ( and that's a goal for the whole weekend!) i will bring you some down. it's won of those lovely really posh kind of delis that has really funky stuff in from independent producers. they have this realy nice dairy free choc called moofree which H likes - most of the dairy free choc - unless they are dark - are vile. did you manage to check out donna eden yet? any plans for the weekend? xxx
  • Hiya Jo, good to see you about again, when you dropping in for tea and cucumber sarnies then?
  • ello flower!
    surprise surprise - am magically back online.....i wonder why? could it be.....
    [B]talktalk customer services: [/B]as a valued customer we'd like to offer you...
    [B]me:[/B] i'll stop you right can i be valued when you are unable to provide the service i am paying for
    [B]talktalk cust serv: [/B]well if you renew your contract we'll......
    [B]me:[/B] so you are resorting to blackmail rather than provide the service i am paying for?
    [B]talktalk customer services:[/B] i can see you have been having problems
    [B]me:[/B] yes i have to the point where i got soooo sick of phoning you lot i have now applied to change service provider...

    and hey presto, the next day we decided to try the internet at home and da dah!!!

    text me when you are next here missus...

    bee xxx
  • i`m on the mirena, dunno if HRT is an option for me yet... i know i`m far too emotional just now and my self esteem plummets very quickly ....
    right now i`m on the feeling fat and worthless`ll pass, but only to come back again... i hate this getting older crap.
  • Hi Sis, I was beginning to think i may have to send out a search party !!
    Missed you, xxx
  • hello :waves:..............not seen you on here in a while
  • hey jo!! hows things? hardly get time to get on here these days, hope all is good your end. hugs, bee xxx
  • mornin petal! how's things with you? not getting much time to play here at all these days....wnet to manchester yesterday with h to the science fair at MoSI which was great. it's a fun place to go for the day, and the free buses are brilliant!!! everywhere should have them!!! still mad at work but i soooo need to change jobs. i'm not enjoying it anymore where i am. huge hugs to you xxx
  • lol they`re on in t`other place coz i can d/l em straight from the pc...i`d post em here but i remember someone getting seriously flamed for doing just that/ as cats should all be neutered at birth as far as shes concerned!

    tho i might just ignore getting shouted at coz they are soo cute!
  • Hi Jo,sorry I've been missing for a bit,Yvonne's mother(91) was in hospital with flu complications,she's home now though.The facebook saga was a fun one ,and we have lots of antivirus software.I will not use Mcaffee or Norton ever again.I use Kaspersky as its not a microsoft one,but russian:whistle:,although Yvonne uses sophos and avg free which work ok.I hope everything else is ok?
  • Hi Jo,I'm not too bad thanks.I've done more work since I fiinished though,I could do with a rest!How's things at your end?
  • :waves:Good morning Jo,how's it all going?Hope you are having a good day:)
  • What's the nine ladies , sounds intriguing ?
  • my little project prezzi for you is half made, just needing a bit more silver wire............!! now that has your curiosity sparked! heehee
  • Hi Jo,sorry to hear you are still having trouble,hope you sort it soon.I'm not too bad thanks,i have been a bit busy since I left work on the 12th though,I thought i was going to get a rest! I spoke to bee yesterday,we were trying to arrange a meet,but I'm not sure if she's coming to London now though.I'm at the Equinox at the Henge wed/thurs this week,but other tan than that not a lot is happening.
  • Hi Jo ,good morning to you.Have you now sorted your internet issues?Hope all is ok.