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  • [COLOR=purple]thanks :) i recommend that you go one day! [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=purple]maybe i'll try the mushrooms again...i ended up with a very poor looking box of soil that wanted to be a mould farm, but wasnt even quite that. shamefully, it sad under my desk for months before i actually got round to getting rid of it,aha. [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=purple]that sounds awesome; where are you planning on visiting? i bet youll have a great time! do you have any pics of your van?[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=purple]i go back this saturday and im very very excited! moving into a new house that i havent seen, so packing is interesting as i dont know how much space ill have! got 2 weeks before uni actually starts though, so will get some shifts into work, make the house look pretty and hit freshers week i think. itll be my second year :) lots more work to be done this year, so i hear! xx[/COLOR]
  • travels were awesome thank you! we went to thailand and then travelled down through laos to cambodia, then to a thai island for the beach. it was very interesting and such a beautiful place. we saw wild monkeys :D we were meant to stay for 7weeks but ended up coming home after 5 because we sort of ran out of money somehow :S and we'd done all of the travelling we intended to do, and i was getting bored (and burnt!) just lazing on the beach all day. definately something ill be doing again though :D i think its been a 13week holiday :eek: ohh a van?excellent! and congrats on graduating uni! travelling round in a van sounds great, im sure youll have an awesome time! will you be doing it alone? haha...errm..mushrooms didnt really work, or grow. at all. managed some chillis and tomatoes though :D xx
  • hey! :)
    its going well thanks, howre you?! nah, i got back a couple of weeks ago, just wasting time now until i go back to uni. it's been a while; whatve you been up to? x
  • [COLOR=blue]Im currently struggling to write an essay on poisons in medicinal plants, but also have to finish a spanish essay, do a research report thing where im gonna compare veggies and omnivores in their knowledge of vegetables,and need to do an environmental impact assessment report. Last terms modules and assignments were more interesting and wildlifey than this terms![/COLOR]
    [COLOR=blue]ohhh,well its the thought that counts i guess! :P [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=blue]ahh wicked. i worked my first festi last year and had the best time :D though,that was doing crafty things with kids,rather than stewarding.[/COLOR]
  • [COLOR=green]hey! [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=green]it wasnt too bad ta, i managed to get a fair bit done, completed one essay and made a start on other assignments, just got to finish them all off now. fun fun![/COLOR]
    [COLOR=green] ohh no,not more snow. its proving to be quite a nuisance this year! hope it clears up for you soon! [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=green]oohh coffee cake sounds good; post me a slice?! :D [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=green]sounds fun. i missed shambala last year :( really want to go this year but all my friends are too poor to come with me,and i dont fancy going alone. working it might be a good idea. [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=green]im trying to get some ukh gatherings booked in, to make up for my lack of festivals currently planned. you heading to any gatherings this year?[/COLOR]
  • well,it was easy enough to set up and start...but i havent got anything growing yet,so the jury's still out on that one!
    yay! cats! :D and its kool to see yours are such good ages :) i had a cat,but he died at the end of last year :( ive got a fish! but shes back at home...i hate not having any animals here. i have plans though to try and foster cats when we move into our house next year :D
    i hope so! i dont have any planned yet as my summer plans are all up in the air at the moment, but id like to get to shambala at least. usually go to big session but dont think i will this year cus of when term/exams finish n stuff. hopefully ill make it to a few festis though. yea i know what you mean about the winter. there's some worldfest thing going on at my uni next week and theyve got all of those big festival type flags up around campus; its making me feel so summery and festivally! do you have any planned? x
  • ohh you lucky thing,it sounds awesome! home grown stuff is always so much yummier than shop bought :) i looking forward to having a garden with our house next year so i can grow some stuff again :D currently have a chilli plant and mushroom box grower thing on the go here though,so fingers crossed theyll be successful!
    ah,nice one. do you have any pets yourself?
    i'll just be dying them dark brown. i had them purpley a while ago but it faded and had lightened my hair,and i didnt like the dark roots coming through! dyed them brown a while ago but there were a few bits that were missed,and ive a few wraps that i want to take out that will have lighter hair underneath...not a good look! what colour would you dye them? x
  • ooo you have an allotment? awesome! what are you growing?
    pah, houseworks never important..unless theres an assignment to do,then housework becomes a great distraction!
    what sort of work will you be doing?

    no,i dont really have half terms..have a 'reading week' this week though,so only have one seminar/lecture, so i should probably use the rest of the time to get started on my essays/research/reading etc..also need to try and dye my hair at some point. fun! x
  • haha. fish?!oh dear. its suprising that people still dont know about this stuff,especially those who call themselves chefs! a few years ago i went on holiday with my family and pretty much spent the whole week eating either chips or baked potato when we ate out :eek:

    yea thats very true..dont think ill be eating cake for a while now though! do you have a good week ahead of you? x
  • heh,cheers :) ohh that sounds good. i took my family to the veggie cafe where i work for lunch,and they all had vegan stuff and were really impressed,which was great :D (dad n bro eat lots of meat!) Eating out is rather difficult when being vegan isnt it?!

    aw, fair doos! ive had a 'love myself and friends day' haha..just been chilling out, ; drawing and went to feed some ducks today;nothing too exciting. was challenged to eat the last huge chunk of my birthday cake though,and now i feel rather sick! oops... :insane: x
  • oh,well i hope you see one during your studies! you deserve to,seeing as you're trying to help them! Yea, im sure i'll be ok when it gets there,i think its just the thought of them. I got so stressed about exams at Alevel that i swore i wouldnt go to uni cus i couldnt face doing it again for another 3 years...but here i am! haha.
    Yea,it was actually really nice thank you. my family came down for the day and we went into the city for shopping and lunch, then i had a meal out with my flatmates in the evening. was very lovely :) ive finally escaped teen-dom!haha.
    are you having a good valentines? x
  • Oohh your dissertation does sound fun! It's sad, ive never seen a wild otter :( I hope you've got a good pair of wellies :P
    I'm in my first year so still getting into the swing of how uni life works! But its all fun :) (though i expect the exams wont be..already panicking about them!) x
  • Yea, thats probably true. I often find it very annoying that as soon as someone hears you're vegan they respond with 'oh i couldnt do that'...
    Guilt free food is the best feeling! Im not entirely sure..going from veggie to vegan was a gradual change for me,but i'll say around 3/4 years.
    yea,i love it! its so interesting and really great to be studying something i actually really care about :D what sort of things does animal studies cover? ahh yes,i know moulton. x
  • I know just what you mean; the other night on a meal out with meat eating flatmates i had a flurry of questions such as ' if someone said you had to eat some meat or 20 other cows would die,would you do it?' etc...

    How long have you been vegan?

    Oo,really? I live in northamptonshire when im at home! yea,im a student too,studying wildlife conservation in kent :D x
  • hello!
    just thought i'd say hey;its nice to see more vegans! where are you studying your course? x
  • greetings scorpio friend, we share the same day of birth!
  • alright fella. i saw you on my profile so wanted to come say hi. hows it going bud :)