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  • hey ther db-i forgot,my sister got me a wolf ear furry looking hat for the solstice its caused some comment lol i love it,lobo stole it cheeky boy he will give things back ,when bribed,or if he snarles i use a water pistol it breaks the intense state,lol,works for us both,love and peace Angi.x
  • his name is hombre lobo,meaning wolf friend(,male) and his wolf half dominates now,i gotta be aware of the dog and the wolf,he can be unpredictable but generally he is gentle,though aloof with strangers,husky dogs are way more of a hassle,wolfmixes are slow to bond etc.but the patience pays off,i cannot imagine being without him now..not that i get many chances,lol,hes a mummy,s boy at 2,will be around 4 when he is adult-heh,half way there,he wont even tolerate a collar let alone a sled,sarloos are highly strung ;)snuggled on his sofa after a long days chaos,i love watching him
  • he is a hybrid wolf,aka a sarloos,stunningly wolflike bigger ears though,lol,much gentler than a husky with a non curled tail-rare breed takes a bit of initial training,then just all ya li:Dfe...
  • hey db :Dmelting hot in yorkshire at mo,been chores catching up today, & training the wolfy to put a tennis ball in a football,he is hard to train,unpredictable too,nipped me but no damage,fast as a croc,i sent him outta my sight ,thats what works..not a sun worship person,moon for me...
  • Forgot about this, sorry! Well, the bird studies have finally got me a job. Just a 4 month thing on the Isle of Man. Not sure what I'll do next though. I think I could do with a break too.... Don't think there's a day go goes by when I don't check-in!! Hope all is well with you :)
  • Its not been so sunny here today :( I've got lots of Uni work on this weekend, but off to the local car-boot-sale tomorrow morning which I'm always excited about :D Any exciting plans this weekend?
  • Good thanks hun, yourself?
  • Umm... who's the real stranger here??! Hello :) Welcome back! So where you been?
  • Oi oi :waves: :D
  • Into VWs bigtime, spending most of our time in our VW T3 HT Westy. Used to keep a 15 strong herd of goats near Talley, still live not too far from where I believe you to be.

    I said: "keep on truckin mama, truck my blues away...". I rock, therefore I am.
  • Yay, weather's most excellent! I've been barefooting all round Glastonbury, and at home here in Alderholt. Been taking the dog out for walks bare foot late at night. I've got a real buzz for it now, feels unnatural to wear shoes! I don't know why I didn't do it years ago.
    I've finally mastered driving barefoot and was suprised how natural it felt. The awkward person so far has been my dad who didn't like my barefooted visit and kept telling me to "put some shoes on, you'll get something in your feet!". Bless 'im, he's always been that way since I remember, wouldn't let us barefoot as kids!
  • Hey! Good thanks, hope you are too. Not sure what you wrote on my profile page, but apparently the message has been 'moderated'! Um, tut, was it rude!? ;)
    You'll be very pleased with me, I've perfected the art of barefooting! I've almost forgotten I have shoes, not sure what I'll do when winter comes! I'll have to get used to wearing them again :)
  • Hehe cool, yeah your feet must be super black! :)
  • Pretty much every day :P That's where the hot tarmac was. It was the same day as the thistle field - did a full 2 miles across town and around to pick up a parcel from the sorting office. The field diversion was to cool off my tootsies in some nice soft grass. Unfortunately there were lots of sneaky little thistles hiding under the nice soft grass! :P
  • Not yet - starting too a little though. Managed to pick up a few blisters on hot tarmac a couple of weeks ago!! :S
  • Couldn't agree more :D Plus, it embarasses my mum and confuses my work colleagues so it has to be good!!! lol :P
  • Spent most of the camping weekend we went on barefoot - ended up being the Forest of Dean rather than the Gower. Did discover recently that barefoot in a field full of thistles is a bad idea however!!! :eek: lol :P
  • My feet seem to be permanantly dirty nowadays - was driving the van around shoe free yesterday. Naughty I know ;)
  • Hellooo! Hows tricks? Hope you're enjoying the lovely sunshine wherever you are. Make the most of it, I think this is our summer. Blink and you'll miss it! :D
  • Considering how sweaty they feel right now (:vomit:) I might just do that!! Think we're next down your way when we go camping on the Gower. Weekend of the 11th. Can't wait! :wiggle: :woohoo:
  • Ha! I try and avoid it whenever possible :P
  • It's actually a bit grey and drizzly here :( But on the plus side I'm on the mitch from work this week so off to the pub in half an hour to play pool! :D
  • I'm doing good at the moment :D Planning a fun June what with the camping etc. Going for a night on the tiles in Cardiff on the 4th! Woop woop!!! :D :D

    How's you?
  • You're a big meany pants!! *sulks*
  • thanks for reply hun ill pass it on shes white with a black eye real cute
    havent had chance to do pics yet
  • hiya hunny been keeping my eyes open for you lol my daughter has just got herself a pup an english bull terrier pup kc reg from a known breeder
    she has always admired your dogs and drooled over your pics
    she asked me to ask you for advice on leads and harnesses shes has been advised against a harness as it stunts growth just wondering what you thought really
    cassie cant go out for another week yet but shes raring to go
    hope your well off to post pics now hugs sensi
  • [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=#800080]BE BATTY!


  • Hey hey hey Doodley B! Haven't spoken to you in a while, thought I'd check in to see how you are, how's life in sunny Welsh Wales??? Hope all is cool bro, stay cool
  • :waves: [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkOrchid]and a wonderful morning to ya!! H is feeling better :clap: and my babysitter has agreed to come here and mind him tonight as i have tickets to see Joan Baez :woohoo:It's just along the road - 10 min walk - so not far if there is an emergency.....[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  • [COLOR=DarkOrange][SIZE=3][FONT=Impact]morning lovley person! :hug: [COLOR=Magenta][SIZE=2]have a fabulous sunny :sunsmile:crisp autumn day!!! :hippy3:[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]