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  • How can you think like that? you`re dead lush....:)
  • :hug: Just on account of your 'What are you currently thinking?' post. Hope things brighten up for you soon.
  • HI Rich,
    How was Blackpool? Hope you didnt live it up too much :)
    Hope to see you soon xxx
  • Hi Rich,
    Hows you? Did you have a nice time in France? When are you coming to visit us???
    Lots of love xxx
  • :) lol, oop North yonder, hinter county of Yorksheer, since you asked so nicely.

    (I exercised a small amount of poetic licence with my whereabouts, since the mill valleys of West Yorkshire are hardly rural, but what's a little fabrication amongst cyber-friends, eh? :whistle:)

    Where's the 'shallow end' then?? :pp
  • :hug:
  • On May 6th.....

  • downside up :P
  • hey zee, how you doin? me and jim and the sprogletts are coming to an area near you soon, we coming up to stay with my folks the bank holiday weekend (30th april - 3rd may) we goin to catherines cross ampthill park to watch the morris dancers at dawn then brekkie in the old sun I think! anyway we about for a few days would be cool to catch up with you if you about, take care Vxx
  • your upside down, how bizarre
  • there are some good uns on there! Red Shoes. Carved, Tale of Two Sisters, many many other goodies.. i love that site...just not that particular movie! *shudders*
  • Oh it was nasty...i ended up skipping to the end, hoping for a happy one....didnt happen!

    the film...was called Grotesque! and it was unbearable! you will find it on my fave website..thats the first one that made me run away to the kitchen to clean! lol
  • hello mate how's life ? the sun keeps coming out so the dirt bike will soon be back in the shed and the Sv1000 on the road ,and about time it's been a bloody long cold winter biking . we'll have to all get sorted and do the wales trip and try to get more ukh out on there bikes ? well take care mate
  • I sent this to you as a private message but am getting confused results so I sent it again here. Let me know if you get one or both.

    I must be cracking up here. I just found your message, but I'm sure I responded to it. I've been riding bikes since I was 16, mostly BSA's but always kept a Honda in case I needed to get anywhere. I bought the cb500 because I wanted something cheap, fast and reliable. Much as I love eccentric bikes, if you actually want to get somewhere, you need a Honda. With so many baby boomers who have never ridden bikes buying huge 1200 cc posers and the like, it's never been a worse time to cruise on a sensible bike. Unfortunately I'm going to be unable to ride for at least a month, though technically, the only thing I can't do is turn on and off the indicators. My other fantasy is a Dneiper with shaft driven side-car. I had a BSA combination and it was great fun, but sort of defeats the purpose of having a bike in the first place.
    The bikers forum here is a little expired, but am interested in getting out and about a bit when the weather improves and I can use my hand again. To be quite honest, the best bike I had in London was a step-through Honda 50, you could pick it up and take it anywhere. Don't let the posers get you down. Keep in touch eh.
  • Hi Zee,
    I think your reply must have taken off to never-never land. I'm still trying to figure out the site and appear to already have had one of my posts eliminated by the cyber cops. If you reply here I think I should get it. Try again mate.
  • alright zee sees weere on the same wavelength with the bikes m8 im off to sumiswald switzerland dead riders rally in july ,,,im new on here so dont know what im really doing lol
  • Hey Zee, I'm rather new here. Just heard from Joss you came off your bike, and its a CB500. I came off my CB500 last week. Maybe we should check to see if anyone else is falling off their CB500's. What with the whole Toyota recall thing, perhaps there's more going on here than meets the eye. Mind you seeing as I was going too fast, too close, I might concede to accepting a modicum of responsibility myself. Tore a ligament on my left thumb.Could have been worse though. Biggest pain is no bike until it's out of plaster. 6-8 weeks. Bummer.
  • hiya! hope you ok just lettin you know the eagle has landed!
    well done on the promotion!!!
  • hiya! did you get my message?
  • Zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Man to the rescue!!!
  • Hello Mr Zee!
    Hows things?
    I just had your other half send me a profile message, she is such a sweetie
    When are you guys coming to visit? Its been too long
    We watched Nick Sanders DVD's the other, what a nutjob but I actually watched the whole 3 hours which I thought was imoressive lol
    Hope to see you guys soon, byeeeeeee x
  • you look really familiar.
  • Zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! :hug:
  • Heya Zeeman: Got you this but if you have not done this sort of thing before then either Julian or I wil go through all the stuff of staggered formation riding and corner lines - welcome to the tip top world of biking :)

  • hello mr cyclist, long time no speak, how goes it?
  • hola:waves:

    i demand my friendship request be taken seriously:D
    still Tae Kwon Do ing?
    hope the worlds treating ya right dude:hippy:
  • Love your profile pic. :D
  • Nope. That's what i'm doing on Friday :thumbup:
  • I said GUESS :D
  • Guess what?! :whistle: