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  • hi, where'r U from?
  • :cake::bday: [B][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4][COLOR=#00ff00] to you!!:music::music::music:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]
  • How are you doing?

    Had a great time at both the Dorset and the Somerset gatherings :) Had a job interview in the middle of them, so had to nip back home for a couple of days, gave me time to do some laundry and restock on food though. Didn't get the job though, which was an anesthetics administrative assistant (Now that is a bit of a mouthful, lol).

    Have you been up to much?
  • I had a great break thanks, no school and I went snowboarding..yey! What were you upto in Brighton?

    My new kids will be in Reception class, so 4 and 5, it looks like a lovely school too, I'm so excited! :) xx
  • Hi :D
    I'm good thanks, I've finished my 60% teaching placement now and I'm just about to do another take-over - 80% this time! I'm looking forward to meeting my new class next week :)
    How are you? xxx
  • hey there, long time no speak. how you doing? happy new year ;)
  • How are things going? Haven't spoken to you in a while.
  • I have exactly the same feelings about my Lit degree...it's so vague and hard to know what to do with it, I still haven't fully decided! Do you have any good ideas??! I'm doing teacher training, but it's really stressing me out, hopefully it'll get better when I have my own class and a job and stuff, but if not I'm going to go and live in a tree somewhere!

    I'm doing a PGCE in Early Years, so I'll be qualified to teach from nursery to year 6. I wouldn't reccommend the PGCE to anyone, it's horrible! Although I do quite like the teaching part I don't feel like I know what I'm doing or that anyone's telling me what to do - I'm about to take over 60% of the teaching of a class of 3 and 4 year olds next week - eek!
  • Aaaa freaky! And we're the same age too :)

    Thankyou for the welcomes :) I'm good thanks ...except for stressing over my uni work..I don't usually have stress and i DONOT like it!

    How are you?

    :) xx
  • Aww, law doesn't sound too interesting to me. I'm definetly doing Film Studies, may pick Media with it so it so I have a wide variety, but I can't make up my mind at the moment.
    Going to take a couple of years out, do a one year Video production course, then travel :)

    I couldn't have eaten much of that pizza, it fills me up to quick ¬_¬ xx
  • Phew :) The pizza was so big!! It was the size of a real waggon wheel! Crazyness!!
    I did enjoy journalism to a degree, but I didn't like how much law it involved. I dropped it because although it was my minor subject, it was taking up most of my time x
  • Yeah I know what you mean :) Pizza sounds good, have no idea what we're going to be eating! lol

    Did you enjoy Journalism?

  • What did you do?
    I'm thinking about going to University to do Film Studies, but I'm not sure if I want to do something else with it. Did you go to uni?

    I'm at my friends now, we're just relaxing, maybe going to watch some movies later too.

  • Yeah I'm in my second year, it's really stressful at the moment.
    I'm going to my friends, leaving in a bit actually... I must do some work, but I have a feeling I wont lol

    Do you have any nice plans for today/tonight?

    I dreaded my interview at college, but luckily she was a very nice lady, as I'm guessing you are too :)

  • Ooh, good :) Where do you work? I'm at College studying Media, Film and English. Should still be there but my last lesson was canceled :D x
  • Hey I'm good thanks, how are you? Thanks btw:) xx
  • sounds like your on the right track. sorry i didnt reply sooner, but i got banned for a couple of weeks.
  • i hope its muscular pain? what exercises were you doing? the pain your feeling is called DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) and its perfectly normal. infact, i feel it most days of the week. it is best to start off with one or two sets of each exercise (with resistance training) for the first couple of weeks so that you can get used to exercising on a regular basis, then increase the sets, reps etc. with cardiovascular exercise i'd recommend starting out with 10-20 minutes each day for a couple of weeks just to get used to the exercise, then increase to 20 minutes, 3 times a week (wich is the minimum recommended amount for cardiovascular exercise). Unless you want to be a marothon runner, i wouldn't recommend doing more than 45 minutes of cardio 5 times a week. what are your goals? i could tailor a program specifically for you.
  • If you're not doing anything tomorrow evening at 7 a few aging hippies are meeting up in the Cock Hotel in Stony Stratford. [URL]http://mk-hippies.ning.com/[/URL]
  • stantonbury campus. 10 weeks costs about 65 pounds. sessions are 6:00 or 7:30 for two hours.
    they teach you some good yoga routines & then at the end theres a meditation part, which i always use to fall asleep in. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Have you ever been to Scotland?
    You look oddly familiar...

    *looks thoughtful for a moment as though trying to remember something he's forgotten to say...*
    Oh yeah... Hello! :)
  • Hello :hug:
    I'm good thanks. Starting to feel more settled here in Guernsey now, though I'm exhausted and ready for a bit of a break now too! How are you? How has life been treating you?
    x x x
  • well when it is in ringlets i have to wash it then put lots of tigi bedhead curl creme in & scrunch it until it drys! then when i go to sleep at night all the curls tangle & matt together & so i have to tackle them with a brush or wash my hair again to get the curls, but then it looses moisture. i use coconut oil everyday. & almond oil too.
  • Curly is lovely though. I wish I had naturally tight curls! What do you use on your hair? Any products? x
  • oh my word thanks! but ask catherine, my hair on a regular day is CRAZY. it takes so much tackling to make it look nice & it is SO curly & dryyy!!!
  • oooh & say hello to catherine for me too. hope you are both happy & well . xxx
  • yay! xxx how is working at the college? xx