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  • I'm sure karma will come your way soon my friend.
  • Ah =)
    Oh, thank you ever so much!^^
    Well, I'm mainly after a Samoan-inspired tattoo for the back of my hand, well; I'm generally after any kind of style of "old tribal tattoos", I don't really like modern tattoos. I have some ideas that I doodled down and I also have a chart with Samoan patterns.

    Here is the chart with the patterns:

    And here is my tattoo I made a month ago:

    Now, how do I want it? Well, I have many ideas but I can't really draw them...I was thinking 1 black triangle on each finger and perhaps a big triangle on the back of the hand with small black triangles inside it. I also had an idea about a series of black triangles in a row going from my tattoo to my the top of my middle finger, but I don't really have a fixed design idea, as long as it's done with basics forms that tribes have been using for hundreds of years I'm happy. (Triangles, squares, dots and other geometrical things)
  • hello!
    i have worked as a tattoo artist yeas, but im not doing it at the moment, too busy being mummy :)
    but im always up for drawing and doing designs and if you need any advice or anything, let me know :)
    what is itt you're after?
  • I'll prolly be island-hopping later on, at first I'll most likely explore towns as a traveling street musician and earn some pocket change as I go. I will most likely go alone, my BF is not a big fan of hobo living.

    Oh, I love snow too! I just love to build snowmen^^
  • Hello :)

    Thats awesome news that you're planning a trip to Greece?...

    Will you be "island-hopping" , or do you have particular places in mind?...

    I've been to Greece many times, Rhodes is lovely, Corfu has a lot of interesting history, and Athens has to be seen to believed! (some crazy drivers there, so take care crossing the roads;)) Spetses is another gorgeous little island, but its pretty tricky to get to...took us about 2 days across mountains and water :D

    Are you going alone, or with your boyfriend?

    Life here is ok, weather is probably similar to yours, we have lots of cold rain at the moment, some snow up north, but sadly none here yet (I love snow:))
  • Hey dude, it was totally cherry!
    I'm still just planning, gathering survival equipments and reading about survival. And I've decided to go to Greece once I'm ready.

    Life in Sweden is pretty dull, the weather is cold and rainy, then again it's winter. I'm out of a job again but I'm not to bummed about it.

    How's everything going for you, good I hope?
  • hey Zambuku :)
    How are you?... how was your smoke?...good I hope? :P
    pass me a toke please mate! :D
    how are your plans coming along for doing something new?... I remember when we talked before you said you wanted to travel? How is life in Sweden?..I have never been beofre but would like to one day :waves:
  • nice to meet too :) you up to much
  • loov those songs :D